How To Find Local Fishing Spots Using Google Maps!

How To Find Local Fishing Spots Using Google Maps!

We have all had the challenge of finding a decent fishing spot at one time or another. Sometimes it gets old fishing the same places over and over, so you need to mix up your fishing locations. Lucky for us we have Google Maps and many other satellite mapping services available to us online that allow easy access to new fishing spots. In this video, Matt from SBFishingTV explains how he likes to use Google Maps to find new fishing spots and then how he approaches these new locations from a fish-catching perspective.

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  1. We enjoyed that video very much .. google maps has put us on some sweet spots lol def make sure its ok though … Fishbrain is a very good app and lotta fishing locations as well .. again enjoyed the video good job.. #BANKBOYZ

  2. How about them people who disliked this video try making YouTube videos. It isn’t easy. Doesn’t matter if it’s long video or short alot time goes in too entertain you assholes people lack respect too people who put there ideas out there

  3. I have had success using Google Earth. Sometimes you can get first person view right from the road at boat ramp or something. Works well.

  4. If it’s public waters you don’t gotta ask to fish next to someone. I’d be dang if I would . Ppl just crowd in where I fish at so why not do what they do.

  5. Um I just ordered my first mystery tackle box and it won’t let me log back in it says my password is wrong and I wrote it down on paper

  6. I’ve been to probably 40-50 spots within 30-40 mins of my house and I’ve had 2 ponds that were able to be fished. One of them only has 1-2 pounders max. The other was amazing where I caught 4-5lbers but I got kicked out and told to never come back. It’s hard because the places that are actually good are either overfished or private.. if you don’t have a boat or something to just go on a lake or river it seems pretty hopeless tbh..

  7. I hardly ever post comments, so to the commentators… who cares if another angler fishes the area…. I would have never caught a darn fish at all if I thought that, when I was fishing the BBWC in Texas..I mean could you imagine if I went to fish Lake Conroe, Lake Fork or even Lake Palestine and said.. OH. I better not fish here because LFG fishes it.. or fishing Lake Fork because Lake Fork Guide fishes it.. so who cares.. if you can fish it and catch a fish, then you are on the ball man.. but if you can’t fish worth a crap.. just shut up already….some of these guys are great anglers and contribute to the outdoors so that others can enjoy it, learn it and get off their butts and do it! and on this vid…Great video and good lessons on using Google Maps guys.. there are some other stuff on Google Maps also, hope you find it on my channel if you are interested.. have fun and TIGHT LINES! JQ OUT!

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