How To Get A Monkey

How To Get A Monkey

Here’s a short video of 5 helpful information and facts to get a monkey. I hope this helps educate you all and helps those small percent who are serious bring home your perfect primate!

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  1. Please text my # bc my family wants a monkey we just don’t know where to get one bc most of the ads are scams (336)482-7877

  2. I’ve always wanted a money. I want the kind like MonkeyBoo. Go to his channel and you’ll see what he looks like I’ve always wanted to get one. And I live in Louisville KY Jefferson County and I’ve looked up if they was legal here and it doesn’t say if they are or not so idk if they are where I live. So since you’ve done research and you know how to look up information about monkeys and owning one can you help me out? If you can do that can you email me if they are legal or not in my area? My email is . I would really appreciate it if you can help me with this one thing that I just cannot find. Please and thank you. I love your page BTW

  3. hell no theirs no such thing as a free monkey you’ll be paying for that little bugger for the next 45 years

  4. I wonder how people can take such an ungly monkeys like that. And they will be very difficult monkeys! There are lots of examples!

  5. Remember, when the baby monkey turns 2, you take it wild and drop him off, cause there making brand new babay monkeys as we speak, let the old monkey go, bring home a new one, its the cycle of life,

  6. I want to foster a monkey for a little bit. I think it’s a big commitment and wanna foster and if I have a great bond adopt

  7. I think you’re the one that needs to remind yourself they don’t remain babies because Xander it’s already become combative I know you’re going to look at this comment and say whatever but it’s the truth it’s like you say they’re not babies they’re not going to be babies going to grow up these are primates they’re not meant to be pets whatever they’re not they’re meant to be in the wild in their habitats their habitats is not in the house in a cage all cooped up

  8. You could hold courses and charge people who wanna know how to own one. I’d like to be your first student. But I can imagine he might get jealous.

  9. Hi, I’m in Raleigh NC and wanting/ been researching for years about monkeys, I just wanna see first hand how they are. I hope you reply

  10. Xander is so cute! 😀 I love monkeys. I loved them since I was a little kids 🙂 And I’ve been thinking about getting one. So i’ll make sure to research for about 6 months and then I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  11. I’m sorry, but you don’t know that monkey very well right now. You may think you do but the older he gets the more controlling in the more powerful he’s going to feel. When he gets something I’m sure you notice he don’t want you taking it back when he gets older you’re not going to take it back because we try to take it and you do take it from him he’s going to attack you because in his mind when he has is his is a male monkey there’s no other dominant she can take besides you were on just be careful around it and please don’t pull its teeth out

  12. The only thing I’d be afraid of is having knives or something that they can get too. I dont know much about monkeys but they seem they could get mad etc.
    you seem like a good fur mom.

  13. hi my 3 yr old kiki, loves us all but she shows preference for my mom and she gets aggressive towards everyone else when shes with my mom…is there a way we can stop this?

  14. You can bullshit about how its "a companion" or "family" and not a pet, but rhetorical niceties don’t change the fact that it is an animal you literally keep a leash on and have in your home, it’s a pet. You shouldn’t have it, you know it doesn’t belong with a human. Just be honest, you don’t truly love the animal, if you did you would advocate for it to be with its kind, you’re just selfish like the rest of us. Bullshitting makes it even worse.

  15. To many morons out there, they should not be pets…

    Unfortunate that people don’t understand like you do… 🙁

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