How to get a partner visa for Australia?

Partner visa is quite important for those who are looking forward to immigration to Australia and join their spouses or partners living there. The mandatory condition for this visa qualification is that the candidate should have a relationship with a citizen of either Australia or New Zealand. The relationships can also be with someone who has the permanent residency of Australia. Two types of visas are granted under this category: permanent (801) and temporary (820).  


The candidate needs to understand that initially he is granted a temporary partner visa. When the candidate is in Australia through this visa, he is then granted a permanent visa depending on the assessment of his relationship by the immigration officials. To be granted a temporary partner visa (820), the applicant should be in Australia at the time of application and approval of this visa. Once this visa is granted, the next stage is granting of the permanent partner visa. It can take a time of almost two years from the transition from temporary to permanent visa. The candidate then becomes eligible for his application to citizenship when he has completed 4 years under a permanent partner visa.

So, once you apply for the partner visa, your life gets settled.

There are many benefits of temporary partner visa under Australia immigration:

The permanent partner visa is applicable for a period of 5 years.

There are also other categories which are applicable for Australia immigration under a partner visa.

One of these categories is the provisional partner visa (subclass 309): As per this visa category, it’s important to know that the application has to be made from the outside the Australian region and during assessment also, the candidate can’t enter the country. For a candidate seeking immigration to Australia under this visa, if it’s urgent to travel during assessment for this visa, he can travel under a bridging visa. Once the candidate is granted a provisional partner visa, he is then eligible to enter Australia, work/study here and apply for permanent partner visa (subclass100). When this visa subclass 100 is grantedArticle Submission, the candidate becomes a permanent resident of Australia for an unlimited time. He can also apply for citizenship of this country if his application is fulfilling all the required conditions.


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