HOW TO GET A SERVICE DOG || The Real, Honest Truth

HOW TO GET A SERVICE DOG || The Real, Honest Truth

Here is an informational video regarding the very first steps in getting a service dog. It is blunt and extremely honest. I hope those who intend on going about a service dog as treatment the right way.

I am not a professional. Diagnoses and treatment plans should be done on a case-by-case basis by a medical doctor who knows what is best for you.

ADA Service Animal Requirements:

ADA Service Animal FAQs:

Wesley is a service dog *in training* therefore he is not perfect but we are working on it. 🙂

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  1. um IDK if I qualify I have been in a mental health program for 1 yea I think and I have social anxiety, I don’t really know if I qualify but I have had panic attacks at school, home, pools and I would feel too bad to ask as my sisters are very…. umm… closed-minded people. but I don’t really know

  2. My service dog is a Lab, bored collie mix for both medical and psychiatric. My small community helped me train her, and my family has supported me the whole way. I plan to pass on the support I got on to others!

  3. I know like no one will see this but I’ve been considering asking my parents to let me get a service dog as I’m only 15. I’ve been diagnosed with depression, general anxiety, and ADD. I’ve been on medication for almost 5 years now and while my therapist and parents say I’ve made significant progress, I do still have pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks when I’m by myself. I dunno how my parents would react as they’re not over the loss of our family dog. I also am worried to bring it up with my parents as I don’t think they’ll believe I qualify for a service dog.

  4. Do service dogs help panic disorders because I am diagnosed with it and was wondering if it is serious enough to get one

  5. I don’t know if I need one. I’m afraid to question myself that if I need one. I just happened to run past a couple service dog videos that reminded of that question. I don’t want to say that I need one because I don’t want to be told that I’m faking it or I’m overreacting. But I tend to hurt myself a lot. I bite on my hands and wrists when I’m nervous or upset, I scratch and beat myself when I’m upset with myself, I get anxiety (I heard that I was suppose to be diagnosed with that in order to say that I have it?) when I’m at public places, I rock back and forth a lot, I move quickly and fiddle too much, in restaurants I eat too fast or too little cause I think everyone is watching me all the time (don’t know is that because of anxiety). And since I was abused in my childhood I’m jumpy and get really scared when someone raises their hand at me or when they raise their, I will start crying nonstop sometimes. And of course I have depression. I don’t want to be greedy about it. What if someone needs it more than I do? Do I really need one? Or is all the things I do just a phase?

  6. Thank you for posting this video, I’m in the research stage for my daughter- she may benefit from a service or support dog. This video is helpful in making a decision

  7. Ive never been sure if i should be searching out for a PSA or ESA. I have been diagnosed with crippling anxiety and depression, and recently come to terms with the fact that it most likely stems from PTSD. I was in a car accident in 8th grade that left 3 dead and 2 others, including my mother, with severe injuries, and have had such severe panic attacks and anxiety since then. If im lucky they don’t last longer than half an hour, but roughly an hour is average for the floodgates opening to calming down; it feels like I can’t breathe, and i get severely light headed, and in some cases practically dig into my skin scratching or grip my hair so tight i could yank it out, as well as plenty other things, but i still feel guilty thinking that im deserving of something traditionally meant for people with physical disabilities so im not sure and feel a bit embarrassed asking. I’ve been contemplating this for over a year now and im still not sure.

  8. Dude…the best thing I think I’ve been doing is looking up service dogs on IG and YouTube etc. So helpful hearing from those who live it. I went down a rabbit of watching fake service dog videos and videos on access issues on YouTube and man it was helpful. But TW if you have anxiety: watching them helped me know how to properly handle those tough situations. I will be owner training. I watched tons of stuff on YouTube. Your video is part of that. I pickup my 8 week old GSD in 2 days. I’m sure I can do this. I even watched videos on how to correct reactive or guarding behaviors. How to correct leash pulling etc. I can’t work and am home most of the time. I have the time to work on this stuff before I start public access training. You are so right to tell us to do our research. I even chose the breeder based on their pedigree. They bred these particular GSDs with the intent to make a litter with the desired working drive and temperament I will need. I’m amazed. They are Cook Farm Kennels in Browns Summit NC. They do have a puppy shipping system. My pup was $1,500 total and the generation chart of the parents goes back at least 4 generations. Their hips and elbows are also certified free of dysplasia (a common issue in page working breeds). I highly recommend them!

  9. I think I may need a service dog since I feel like it would really help me during school and other activities. I’m a minor and I have depression (which I’m taking medication for), anxiety, ADHD, and OCD. I have multiple panic attacks a month, I self harm, and I am suicidal. Sometimes I can become delusional and I hallucinate a few times at night. I struggle getting up in the morning for school which causes me to be late so my problems are making it hard for me to succeed. I’m not sure if I need a service dog and I don’t want to scam the system. I’ve been researching and I’m not sure if I should ask my doctor about it. What do you think?

  10. okay so I don’t need a service dog but I’m writing a fanfic and wanted to have accurate information about this whole thing so don’t worry about me cheating the system haha. It was really good and helped me a lot with what I needed for this fic, really clear information.

  11. I understand why you made this video. I’ve been researching trying to find how to go about this process and it hurts when I see people doing this for the dog and not for the help to get better. It makes it harder for the people who really need a service dog, who are struggling to live.

    At first I was a bit upset because I clicked to figure out what organizations I could qualify for (as it’s hard finding any nonprofit/not $60k dogs with sketchy training processes while being considered a child at 17 and not able to apply to some organizations), but I enjoyed your video.

    If you have any recommendations or tips for this process please let me know. I don’t have time to train a PSD before college and I’m terrified of being in college with my mental health being unstable. (I’m not willing to take a gap year because of the career I want and scholarships I would lose). I’ll survive if I can’t get a service dog but only barely. I probably would miss out on a lot because of my disorders/illnesses. I tried therapy, but it was a bad experience. Haven’t found another therapist accepting my insurance since, but I haven’t been searching too eagerly. I want to get better so I can lower my meds because of the damage they cause to my liver if I stay on them for years.

    When my symptoms are significantly impacting my daily life, I know I need to do something else. I genuinely believe this could be a good option for me to get better, or at least not let myself get worse and help break some habits when I’m having an episode of something. So please if anyone has any organizations or trainers they recommend please let me know. I want to look into a multitude, not just the ones I’ve found. I also want any reviews of places to avoid, or places to definitely consider! Tips to raising money or covering the cost. Anything anyone can give me! Thanks for reading this.

  12. Would I qualify for a service dog? I have anxiety and I get stomach pains that make me almost immobile and I bloat to an extreme amount and it’s very very painful. I also get a feeling of feeling out of body sometimes that make me feel like I’m not in reality or I’m not inside my body and I feel this impending doom and think I’m dying. It makes it really hard to go to school or just the grocery store. It’s embarrassing

  13. I honestly dont know if I am disabled.
    My old therapist kicked me out and refused to send me to a psychologist to get a proper diagnosis because I "stopped" showing symptoms for a few weeks. I was going to be tested on Schizophrenia. I dont know if I am disabled as of now- I get panic attacks/anxiety easily, I WILL run away if something makes me feel uneasy and on edge. I hear voices and see things others dont. I also have "weird" thoughts that make me isolate myself and think everybody wants to harm me. That they wanna steal my secrets. Cut my head open yknow? I also have severe mood swings from up and down and it affects my daily school life. I can’t concentrate anymore when im having a low day. I also get irritated so easily that my teachers almost kicked me out of school. So yea, my old therapist just stopped after a YEAR of talking to me because symptoms stopped. But they came back, she was just impatient. And now im struggling in Quarantine because my new therapist that ive only seen once so far can’t have me for the weeks that Quarantine lasts. I don’t want a service dog yet, even though Ive had multiple therapists since I was 8 (Ive basically had hallucinations all my life but I dont remember anything until like 3 years ago lol) but ive been looking into service dogs for about 1,5 years now. It kinda bugs me that all my therapists just dropped me because as a kid I was just,, there was no way to talk about my trauma and my recent therapists dropped me because I was rude (I didn’t even realize I was rude, and they should realize that) but yea… aaa its so hard isnt it

  14. I am going to the doctor to confirm my anxiety my mom who also has if feels like I am a lot worse than her and she is on meds but bc I also have depression I dont want something I will be able to abuse.. like meds I will be to tempted to take them I dont know what kind of treatment there is but I need something that I wont be able to abuse if that makes sence.. if theres any other options please let me know bc I really dont want a service dog unless I have to I dont feel like I need one so if theres other options let me know 🙂 the internet doesnt always have all the options

  15. I passout everyday for hours and hours and have a cardiac issues but for some reason I’m not disabled so does that mean I can’t get a service dog?

  16. I have severe anxiety and I can’t stop shaking. I have no idea if I should get one when I freak out… idk tho- but like I can’t stop moving or shaking. Can you help?

  17. Im curious is ptsd a disorder ive seen people with service dogs and i have been showing some signs but not a lot i have showed like 6 i dont think i need a service dog but is it a disorder?

  18. I would tweak what questions you ask a psychiatrist. Most are not educated about service dogs and can’t decide for you if you need one, in fact I’ve encountered a psychiatrist who was at least against promoting the use of service animals because they see it as a crutch. So I would talk to your doctor about your prognosis, and whether they believe you will see substantial improvements in functionality with treatment. If they do, waiting is probably the best option. If you’ve tried a lot of treatments and the doctors believe you are going to struggle chronically, that’s when it’s good to consider a service animal.

  19. I want to ask my mom about this for my panic attacks and dissociation but I feel like I’d be taking advantage of it even though i know a service dog would help keep me safe in situations where I cant have a person I feel rude and like I dont deserve one because I can get by without one obviously but it’s just rlly hard for me idk I’ve been struggling

  20. Siezures, TBI. Aquired Brain Injury. Drunk driver took my life away. I had a cat. I used to have to take like 40 drugs?!…..Any alternatives binaural beats, (music therapy, art therapy) a service animal if it is necessary is good. But she is SO right! Research! You are going to be in the relationship ❤️ with the animal long-term.

  21. I have high functioning autism, PTSD, major depressive disorder, and sever anxiety. My girl Cloee has been trained to calm me when I have panic attacks and alert me when I am getting worked up. I don’t know if I can get her to be my service dog..

  22. I have severe social anxiety, it’s so bad I can’t even talk to my parents in public. I am on medication for depression and social anxiety but it doesn’t help at all, I feel like I might need a service dog but I also feel like I’m going to get judged if i ask

  23. I have recently qualified for an SD and I’m doing research, and we’re waiting to find a good breeder or organization/program. The thing that triggers me is that when I told my "friends" about me qualifying (since we’ve been talking about it), they were "jealous" because I qualified. Then they went on and on about how THEY want a service dog because they have "anxiety" and "depression" and "pAnIc aTtAcKs" (I have already checked with their parents, they both were NEVER diagnosed with any illnesses). Then, my first "friend" went on and pretended that her dog was a service dog, and took it to stores. The dog was old, and it didn’t usually bark or interact with other dogs, but it was always distracted, pooped/peed, and pulled everywhere. She even went on and BROUGHT IT TO SCHOOL. She (again) pooped everywhere, and this time she barked because she was noise sensitive. She let everyone pet it, but it bit people. The school found out and didn’t allow her dog at school which was GREAT! but then the school went on and BANNED service dogs from the school so that not only stop me but everyone else in need of a service dog to bring them to school. PLEASE DON’T FAKE OR CHEAT THE SYSTEM! YOU’RE MAKING IT HARDER FOR YOU AND OTHER PEOPLE!

    I forgot to add this, but the second friend was saying she wanted an SD for her "depression" which she self-diagnosed herself with. She said she then wanted an ESA but wanted to bring it with her to school? It’s really confusing. (edit – edit) I un-friended the first friend and now she’s accussing me of "faking" my illnesses and disabilities. She says I don’t have depression because I’m not sad…moral of the story screw her 😉

  24. Thank you for making this video. Im currently suffering from some mental disorders and starting to show symptoms of very serious disorder(s) (such as schizophrenia for example). I came on here to see if may need a service dog in the future if I do get diagnosised with the disorder(s) (I’m not self diagnosed, my family does agree I show symptoms of the disorder(s) and says I should tell me doctor) My mom think I may not need a service dog but I’ll be talking with my counselor about it and my psychiatrist about it and see if I may need a service dog for the condition. Again thank you so much for making this video, it really helps alot

  25. I have ptsd and depressed and anxiety I have a dog I did talk to my doctor she said yes but I don’t have money for a trainer what should I do?

  26. I waited nine whole years before I was prescribed a service dog, he’s been in training for a year and is amazing but it is a lot of work and very hard when people stare and such.

  27. I really want to ask my doctor and psychiatrist if I qualify because I’m tired of PTSD and chronic illness interfering with literally everything I do but I also don’t want to be turned down. My boyfriend says I should go for it but my mom thinks I’m just being dramatic (even with my heart problems). I honestly want to go for it but I’m so unsure if I qualify because I’m still going through the diagnosis process somewhat

  28. I sometimes have anxiety but my family says I am fine but I am really sad and I sometimes hurt myself by scratching my self

  29. I know I am a year late but I only clicked on here cause one I watch a lot of your vids and I was curious how you get a service dog

  30. I have a service dog in training for my schizophrenia and severe generalized anxiety disorder. She saved my life maybe not physically but emotionally. And 100% don’t regret getting her. I do however wish there weren’t so many people who take advantage of having a service dog or say it’s fun or are disrespectful in public

  31. You really need to smoke some weed can loosen up like seriously you are too intense relax PS I know how it is I take 300 mg a Seroquel everyday three times a day so yes relax

  32. You need to learn about boundaries from teal swan if you want to overcome your issues with telling people what to do when they come at you in public for photos or petting etc. Its obvious you cant control other peoples actions regardless of how much info is out there but there is an effective way to deal with this…dont panic dont feel upset before you try a new strategy or learn some new skills. 🙂 you seem really proactive. I think also you could look up the worrying video by teal as well I believe it would be super useful for you. Dont take my word for you or see this as a projection. Just see about it. Good luck.

  33. I’ve been through so. many. medications. Medicine after medicine. Time after time. And nothing is working. I’ve been going to the doctor for 5 years looking for a way ( that’s not a service dog ) to fix my psychiatric problems. I knew that a service dog should never be my first option, so I wanted to wait as long as possible before taking it into consideration, and frankly I feel that a service dog might work well for me ( and my doctors feel the same way ). While I do feel that I need to find a medication that works properly, I feel that a service dog would make the process a lot less stressful, and would give me something else that medicines to rely on..

  34. I’m not sure if I would qualify for one, I get extremely bad anxiety in public places and sometimes at home and I get panic attacks and I’ve nearly passed out in a store and I constantly harm myself when I’m panicking, I also purposely harm myself constantly because of my depression.

  35. I definitely qualify but I clicked on this video because I don’t know how you ‘declare’ your dog as a service dog. My dog is also a multi-purpose dog, he is currently an ESA but since he does do special tasks for me like; anxiety attacks, self-harm, and he is training to be medical alert for my epilepsy. I want to know how to ‘register’ him for being a service dog without it being a fake id, my therapist, and medical doctor approved me for having a service dog in general, but I am sure if that means it is official and I can take him places.

  36. Ive done alot of research on the things i feel like im suffering from (ptsd, anxiety, depression) and on service dogs, but my parents keep brushing me off when i ask them to call and make me an appointment so i can get a diagnosis. They think im being dramatic or that i am faking it because i just want a dog but im not and they wont see it. Ive gotten worse over the past year and im sensitive to loud noises, i flip out and i can start crying. I go and hide and often hurt myself. Usually the worst episodes happen when my family is arguing. My parents have seen what this looks like for me and still they dont want to take me in for an eval. Im so confused at how they could just look at their child and say they are perfectly fine when clearly shes struggling, and all alone too. Im scared and so alone and I dont know what to do. I need help or im afraid i wont last too long. I know this video is a little older but maybe you could give me advice? Im in desperate need of some…

  37. you can have an emotional support dog to help me with fainting spells that when I leave home until there is no one I panic emotionally and of course sometimes I manage to have a good time but other times I pass out and each fainting gets worse

  38. I am a minor and I need to know what to do if my mom won’t let me see a doctor, psychiatrist, or a therapist for my mental health. I’m thinking that a service dog would help and I’ve opened a conversation about it but my mom keeps telling me I don’t have anything wrong with me and that my issues aren’t even severe. I hate going to school because a lot of my anxiety and panic around people is from that and I really just need help because I don’t want to wait til I’m 18 and have nowhere to go because I spent my small paychecks on a medical professional…

  39. I would like one just to help me at home. I’m hoh and I just want one to wake me up when my alarm goes off, the doorbell rings, or let me know if someone is trying to break in.

  40. Lack of support from family is why I’ve gotten to the point i’m at were I’m fighting just to get any help even a simple Dr. visit to get evaluated. I’ve done my own research on what it could possibly but Self-diagnosis is never okay, i know that, but i wanted to have maybe an idea of what it could be. But with no insurance and no family support or very little where its like "oh, yeah sure you need help" I’m stagnating and the only support and help I’ve Found is in the SD community around where i live. and many people face this, but you feel like oh i’m not worse off enough to need help someones worse than me, that person has seizures I only have this small issue (that could be growing more major than those around you realize.)

    I wish we didn’t feel like we have to beat ourselves apart and feel as though we aren’t bad off enough to warrent help i need to be worse. How do we escape that Problem?
    PS: Your Channel Helped me understand More about SD’s than i already experienced in person and I love how your willing to Share so much to those of us who may not know, or don’t know certain aspects of that kind of life.

  41. I don’t know what to do to talk with a doctor. With mine tho as my clinic keeps changing thier doctors all the time..

  42. i personally have really bad anxiety and it got so bad to the point that i convinced my mom to let me leave school and do online school but i still really struggle with it to the point where i wont want to leave my house for weeks but im scared to talk to my therapist or my doctor about it because i dont want to seem dramatic, but how bad do you think a persons anxiety would have to be to qualify.

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