How To Make Slime With Everyday Home Ingredients// How To Make Slime Without Pure Borax !

How To Make Slime With Everyday Home Ingredients// How To Make Slime Without Pure Borax !

In todays video I’m testing how to make slime with everyday home ingredients as the activators so this is a how to make slime with no pure borax video and I really hope you like it! I found the lotion method on this channel:
Check them out 🙂 Hope you enjoy this video!

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  1. This video is not working for me because she is using both glue and borax omg she said no borax but why doesn’t she say slime instead she is using borax.

  2. Last digit of your like is your like is the type of slime:
    0: your choice (from the ones listed below)
    1: butter
    2: floam
    3: jelly
    4: avalanche
    5: frosting
    6: fluffy
    7: clear
    8: slushee
    9: fishbowl
    Your month of birth is the color
    January: red
    February: orange
    March: yellow
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    The day of your birth is the scent
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    Pink (I know it isn’t part of the rainbow but so many people like it): a heart ❤️ (color of your choice!)
    I hope you like how your slime turned out! a I have a yellow butter slime with a pineapple scent and a sun ☀️ charm
    Also pls check out mah YouTube channel it would help a lot ❤️

  3. U know what time it is…

    ( Which Year ( 2000-2010 )U Were Born In, Is The Type Of Slime )

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    Heheh what r u? I am .., actually its a surprise hehhe :3

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