How To Make Your Dog a Service Dog

How To Make Your Dog a Service Dog

Have you ever wanted to take your dog everywhere with you? Do you wonder why other people get to have their dog go grocery shopping with them? Learn how it works here.

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  1. *Please Read All* QUESTION. Ok, so I have a fast heart rate sometimes and others its completely normal. I also sometimes get very dizzy and I’m not sure from what. My mom said it could be from anxiety, or not eating enough…but my eating hasn’t changed. I also get shaky. I’m also not sure if they are panic attacks either but this happens quite often. I don’t think I have P.O.T.S because it sometimes happens when I’m sitting or laying down. I also have depression, but not a very severe case. (please don’t say I don’t it make EVERYTHING worse) I haven’t gone to the doctor for it yet because it could be nothing.
    So here is the thing, If I end up getting diagnosed for something…I have a 1y/o german shepherd Named Odin. When I got him he didn’t have any papers, and I think he had his first set of shots. WOULD it be possible to get him registered as a service dog for me? Also, he might be inbred, would that affect anything? We still need him to get a full check-up and shots.

  2. Į just want my dog to behave like a servise dog like now how to walk by my side, but now how to calm me down like a therapy dog or emotional support my anxiety kicks in while im alone (Thats The problem) (i never go out alone so i do not need her to be with me while im in The city) while į cry and stuff not to bring her anyehere. And there iš this family meeting every summer and my family friends come around then and i want my dog to be at her best behavior. What do į teach her first? How much training In a day? What comands does The dog must now and how to teach them? With what comand to start and what do į do next? What to do if she bitės me if she gets angry if į take stuff away like if she steals toilet paper and i take it away she bitės what do į do to stop that bitty behavior?

  3. I’ve made a video on this as well. People want to be able to take their dog anywhere but my dog is being trained to save my life in an emergency. There’s a difference

  4. I thought this was going to be a training video like how to tell your dog to do something a service dog would do.

  5. Ok I want my Male blue Chihuahua his mom was my first severs dog . And he is a copy of her . Could it be training him . Was so easy because he was with us and pick up on here tranning ?

  6. i’m planning on owner training a black lab puppy i’m getting at the end of april and watching this just made me realize how hard this is going to be but i’m definitely up to the challenge!

  7. So I’m stilll slightly confused… I have a disability but all I need to do is train my dog? Do I need to get it registered or anything: I’ve seen a few videos where cops have required to see one but I’ve also heard u don’t need one but is there a way to get one?

  8. Question: will the disability be “logged” in your history? Just asking because my grandmother (I told her about SDs) thought that you will be restricted in jobs and the like because the mental disability will be logged.

  9. I have anxiety and chronic pain. My Dr has given me a letter for my dog. He does sit and lay where I need him to be where I hurt. He is a small dog I have fibromyalgia also bit I just need h for pain though. He is a good dog does not bark and stays with me. Is acceptable for a service dog ? Or just an emotional support animal.

  10. Happy tails I was wondering if my english bull dog would be suitable for my diabetes he is very obedient sturdy very healthy good temperament and all the thing that u would need just asking to reassure

  11. can i self train my service dog, get it registered, and bring it somewhere/anywhere if i do not have any disabilities?

  12. I am deaf but I have a implant. But it would help me a lot. So I already have a dog so I don’t know how to register my dog? Do I have to get it trained?

  13. I hate companies like support pets telling people they can register their pets as emotional support animals and people being able to take their pets anywhere

  14. I have severe panic attacks from PTSD and I did research and found out that i can train my own service dog, I how ever am having a hard time understanding how to train my dog.

  15. I have debilitating anxiety and bipolar depression, as well as low blood sugar and frequent panic attacks which often cause me to pass out. I recently got a cocker spaniel who is in training to become a service dog. She’s a bit older. 1-1 and a half. I’m still hoping to try to teach her. Although she’s very playful… we’re still dedicated.

  16. I’m getting a PSD! Got my letter from my health care team, and found the right size! I have borderline agoraphobia, as well as major depression, PSTD and anxiety! She will be taught to search among other things!

  17. I wouldn’t say I have a disability but I do have low blood pressure, and I have a heart arrhythmia and I’ve fainted quite a few times… However I am not sure if I would be able to get a service dog to help relax me cause I get some sort of panic attack when that happens?

  18. So if I don’t have any disabilities and I get my dog trained to be a service dog I’m still not allowed to take him with me everywhere like the rest of the people with service dogs?

  19. Ok, I am pretty ignorant about the service dog subject. I truly want to educate myself on the subject. I went to L.A. and I was surprised by the amount of service dogs there. In Disneyland there were a lot of service dogs. I understood bigger dogs because they have to perform tasks. But I saw several small dogs like chihuahuas, yorkies. Some even were carried in baby trolleys. What kind of disability or health case can a small dog help with? I assumed maybe some people were abusing the whole service dogs purpose. But I didnt want to build a judgment without knowing. Do you know what can small animals/dogs are used for?

  20. I want to train my dog to assist with panic attacks, PTSD and seizures, she’ll probably never be able to alert me before I have one, but she can certainly help me by getting help if I did ever have one in public while alone… my problem is learning how to train her for that though. I don’t want to have to go through those in order for her to earn the scent produced when they occur, seizures can be really frightening to experience. I don’t blackout during mine as most people do, I’m almost fully conscious, but I can’t breath when they happen and my heart rate shoots up horribly due to a mixture of the stress, fear, and inability to breath. It would help me a lot to have my dog with me in such cases, both to alert someone else to help if needed but also to keep me calmer to through such experiences.

  21. I have terrible panic attacks where I pretty much fall on ground and can’t process what’s going on so I’ve been trying to get my dog a service dog to help me but couldn’t figure out how so this is great

  22. i have a dog she’s not a service dog my parents can’t afford one and i have anxiety attacks and i have trouble being around people and i try to hurt myself when i have anxiety attacks but i was wondering if i can train my dog to help me with that and would i be aloud to take it around with me

  23. I have autism and severe anxiety and PTSD as of now I have an ESA animal that my doctor prescribed me so I’m going to go back in again and get a service dog

  24. Is it possible to have a service dog if someone has APD? I struggle with APD and I noticed lately I’ve been losing more focus and forgetting information more

  25. Ok I have a question I have 2 chihuahuas and to German shepherd malamute. What would you suggest I feed them raw food or far as Dryfood ?

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