How to Prep Your Dog for Grooming | PetSmart Grooming

How to Prep Your Dog for Grooming | PetSmart Grooming

Norman the dog is here to tell you all about how to prep your dog for grooming at PetSmart! At PetSmart, we want to ensure that your dog has a great experience during their PetSmart grooming appointment. Before we even begin their grooming experience, we go through our grooming checklist and grooming requirements which includes checking to make sure your pup is current on their vaccinations. We also conduct an assessment to your pet’s skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth because we want to make sure we offer the right solutions based on your pets specific needs. To come and check out a PetSmart Grooming Salon near you, follow the link below.


  1. So if this grooming service is so good then how is it that so many animals have been injured or killed whilst at a PetSmart groomers? How have these "accidents" happened if you’re all so careful? A service dog had to get her tail amputated after it was broken, and several people have posted their own accounts of their dogs being abused, some almost coming close to or actually being killed. There have been more than one case of someone who’s dog has has somehow "accidentally" had an artery nicked, or the likes. One dog had an artery in her leg cut, when the procedure didn’t require the groomer to be anywhere near the canine’s leg.

    As someone who cares too much for their puppy – oh, some of those cases were puppies by the way – I won’t be going, and advise others not to as well.

  2. got an ad that claime "petsmart has everything your pet needs delivered right to your door!" i went to their website. "crickets only available in store only" same thing with frozen mice and rats. thanks for the useless advert petsmart!

  3. ok but my dog is really afraid of the sound of scissors, razors/clippers, etc, so whenever I try to groom him he totally freaks out! my mom once took him to a Petsmart grooming place here in Georgia but they low key banned him from there! it is currently getting really hot and my dog still has a thick coat! What should I do!?

  4. In my own personal experience, petsmart is not the place to go. My dog has terrible anxiety. We went to get his hair groomed a few years back. The groomer was not treating him correctly, causing him to be hostile towards her, but what can you expect? He’s a dog, not a human being. He was there for 8 hours, most of which they kept him locked up in a tiny space, not enough for him to move around much, just to lay down and sit. It was terrible and when we got him back he was shaking like crazy. He didn’t have food or water. They were terrible conditions, which could have been easily avoided IF the employee had treated him correctly. Now, my dog can’t even walk into there without his tail being in between his legs. This is a warning to anyone who sees this, as petsmart did not treat my dog correctly, treating him more like an inanimate object then a living being.

  5. Some of the Petsmart groomers should be fired. but not all of them. About 3% percent of the Petsmart groomer should be fired. But you are a good Petsmart groomer. But I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m just trying to let you know. Don’t believe me? Well you can go to Facebook and search for Petsmart mistreatment. But it happened a couple of years ago. Let’s just hope you don’t hire any bad groomers.

  6. You haven’t mentioned the anal expression. I don’t really know what exactly is done to my dog, in that area… Thank you

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