Today we are talking about how to “register” an emotional support animal (ESA). As mentioned in the video ESA should only be obtained when needed and if approved by a qualified therapist or physician.

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  1. Our Cavvie is part of our support team in our Psychotherapy practice. Many people request that he visit sessions, and he loves to work his Cavvie magic, which is to help people relax and open up in a safe and loved atmosphere.

  2. This video is disgusting. Whoever had the audacity to make it is disgusting. There is a VERY strong sentiment in the US right snow against ESAs. Want to know why? Look in the mirror.

    I will keep my comments to myself if you keep you UNTRAINED animal off of airplanes; out of hospitals, and out of businesses. I cannot believe you have the audacity to ask me to keep my opinion to myself. Why don’t you keep your animal at home?

    You ask me not to comment because I do not know what you’ve experienced. Do you now what I have? Nope, you do not care. It’s all about you. Let me guess…how dare I point out the animal isn’t trained? How dare I point out that it defecates on the ground in businesses? Right?

    Let me let you is on a little secret: You do not “require” an ESA to travel. When you manipulate your way onboard….everything thinks you are a joke. People look at you with pity. This isn’t because of whatever you won’t talk about, it’s because you are unable to go outsized. In short, it’s because you are pathetic.

    Jesus….How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!!!! You need to make a video immediately begging for forgiveness from….I don’t know…ummm….the blind? From quadriplegics? From random people who had enough else respect to leave Fluffy at home? From people who struggle through life ever day without expecting everyone else to accommodate them? God…I want to vomit right now.

    SHAME. SHAME ON TOU!!!! You are disgusting and I will not keep my comments to myself simply because you feel entitled.

  3. I am so sorry to let everybody know but emotional support animal is not protected or covered under the ADA Laws but that means you cannot bring an emotional support animal into your local grocery store if you do your breaking the law

  4. So I heard you say that they don’t need to be regifted on a website. Would you recommend just skipping that step all together? I have an ESA and I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to register her online

  5. An apartment complex I am applying to has a no pet policy I qualify for a ESA letter but could they deny it?

  6. Can I register a ESA with me just having anxiety? Whenever I’m around my cat I feel happier and less worried or stressed.

  7. Can somebody please tell me what kind of dogs they are? I know nothing about dogs, but I’m thinking of getting one, thank you

  8. Great video! Couple questions: does the letter have to say anything specific? And if you have the letter at the airport, do you still have to pay the fees? Thx

  9. god im so sad that i got scammed. My friend who had an ESA sent me a link to a site for regestration and told me it was the "real website" for ESA’s. Looks like we both got scammed, but my psychiatrist wrote a letter for me? is that all i need?

  10. You forgot to mention that ESA’s aren’t allowed in non-pet friendly places. Great video tho!❤

  11. Your dogs look so well behaved! How do they just sit on ur lap the whole video. Btw your dogs are sooooooo cute!!!!

  12. Please show that they are not allowed public access unless stated by your country/state. I have to retire my current service dog because people think they get the same rights as service dogs which they do not. And she got attacked, I now have to spend 50k on a new service dog for my medical conditions. For the us go to

  13. This made the process so easy and I was approved within an hour of watching your video. Thank you for helping me get my dogs back!!

  14. Where I live states if it is a service animal the extra fees are waved I’ve had a hard time without this cat so I got a letter and they still want to charge the same amount…. is this because of the difference between them? And is it fair?

  15. Just remember, everyone: federal law does not require any sort of credentials whatsoever, and the companies out there offering to register your emotional support animal with some form of card are committing fraud. They are selling you documents that do not carry any force of law whatsoever. Honestly, I don’t know how they are even allowed to stay in business.

  16. All the scammy ESA website: How often have you felt threatened by someone/something?
    All the scammy ESA website: How often has that thing interfered with your life?
    All the scammy ESA website: How often have you felt anxious?

  17. My therapist doesn’t like the idea of me getting my pet registered as an ESA, because they feel as if i haven’t improved with therapy itself, and I refuse to take medication due to bad past experiences. Although what I deal with is a big burden, it’s not something that REQUIRES medication like schizophrenia. The thing is, I go to my therapist because of my crippling anxiety and DID, and even after a year of therapy I have made no improvement. When I bring my ESA-to-be with me in public places that allow pets (since I can’t take them elsewhere), it’s like my anxiety vanishes. I can actually talk to people and feel confident in myself. Having my attention on the animal also keeps me from dissociating as often, which also makes it easier for me to be social. Even in a non-social setting, they help me with the daily anxiety that I struggle with. They helped me through my depression, too. It’s like they are the only thing that actually helps. The thought of taking medication makes my fear worse, and therapy has helped me none. Is there a way I could get them registered legally without going to doctors that I already see? The animal in question is a cockatiel, so it’s not big and doesn’t bark or make big messes on floors, it’s just a small bird.

  18. I really appreciate you!!! I purchased my pup yesterday…I signed up last night with the link you provided and got my paperwork… today I was approved by my townhouse complex to have my support animal!!!

  19. Thank you. My baby died three months ago. I fell into deep depression. My son recently got a dog. The first time I held him I cried for hours. This was a healing moment for me. Last week our family welcomed a fur baby. Although I has been challenging because I loved him instantly, I’m glad he’s the opposite of my Jazz. I did honor Jazz by using the first letter in his name for my new baby. I canceled a family outing because the hotel we book was not pet friendly. My son suggested registering him as an emotional support dog. Thanks for the guidance. Sorry for the long comment. I’m still adjusting.

  20. Is Myesadoctors a reliable source for an ESA letter? I am flying with southwest in a few days and I am thinking about going with them to get one. I’m worried it might be a scam I’ve seen a few bad reviews and I am hesitant

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