How to select the right food for your dog. II Dry Adult Dog Food Review ll Monkoodog

How to select the right food for your dog. II Dry Adult Dog Food Review ll Monkoodog

We think all Dry Dog foods are the same. But unfortunately, not all dry adult dog foods are composed well to provide your dog all the prime nutrition they need in their growth cycle. That’s why you need to have at least some knowledge to analyse the composition of the ingredients before you pick one to take home.
Many first-time owners struggle to choose the right healthy adult dog food for their furry friend or some pick up randomly any dog food which is cheap without realising that it might not have optimum nutrition value for your dog.

The AAFCO has their own guidelines which need to be followed by every brand in order to get certified by the AAFCO.

Considering the AFFCO guidelines and a few practical Tests, we’ve 3 quite famous Adult dog food brands in Asia. On the basis of 4 Tests, whichever adult dog food will score the highest marks will be the Best dry Adult dog food of all.

We’re reviewing Royal Canin, Pedigree, and Drools. Let’s see who will become the Winner.
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  2. Very useful and informative quality analysis. Thanks a lot for helping. Please share more such videos. Thanks again.

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