How to TAKE CARE of a PUPPY? 🐶 Complete Guide to Puppy Care

How to TAKE CARE of a PUPPY? 🐶 Complete Guide to Puppy Care

How to TAKE CARE of a PUPPY? 🐶 Here is the COMPLETE GUIDE to feeding, training and caring for your NEW PUPPY. Learn all about how to make your puppy’s first days at home happy ones. Don’t miss it! Visit the original AnimalWised article at 👉

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  1. ThIs is a really good video for me because I am about to get a puppy and I never had one before so this is good information for me.

  2. I just got a puppy and im so tired cause it has peed and pooped inside the house and its stressing me out cause it hides under the bed and stuff and Im also on my period and its heavy so i have to run around to play with the puppy and take care of the puppy while im bleeding so much and im almost crying out of stress and its maybe cause of my period but still

  3. I still have 5+months until i get one but i wanna make sure my puppy is going to have a safe home

  4. I had to get rid of Salvo my puppy he was just 1 month old and he was so cute the first time I seen him Salvo what’s my favorite puppy in the world

  5. Can i bring home a 8 month old golden retriver since the owner wants to give it to me!!?….will it be too aggressive?

  6. Thank you this really is going to help I am getting her in 20 days! Called Flo, She is spoiled!!! You really are gonna help.

  7. My uncle is giving me a puppy but my grandma has an allergy to dogs so it has to stay in my room what should I do??

  8. I want to secretly sneak in the puppy on the streets. It doesn’t seem to have any parents to look after. I usually give it biscuits but I want to take full custody of her. My dad probably won’t allow but I guess I can try

  9. I am picking up a 5 month puppy next week. He was with a owner from week 8+ of it’s life & will only spend 5 days at the ASPCA. The owner gave up ownership. He is not potty trained. I am worried because he is getting nuetered the day before I am picking him up. The surgery, 2 hours of travel, and a new environment seem like a lot of stress for a young pup especially with the lack of potty training. Do you have any advice?

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