How to talk to your Doctor about a Sevice Dog | How to Get a Service Dog Tips

How to talk to your Doctor about a Sevice Dog | How to Get a Service Dog Tips

This video is a guide for how to bring up a service dog to your doctors! While the ADA does not require a doctors note for a SD, adding something new to your treatment plan is a big step and best practice is to work with medical professionals. These steps are based on my opinions, but I think this framework is helpful for having this conversation. Hopefully this helps in the process of how to get a service dog.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below! What other questions do you have in how to get a service dog?

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  1. So i currently am not seeing anyone for my mental health issues. The past year i under went really bad depression and became addicted to self harm. My school found out and told my mom. They told her i should go see some one. BTW this was 8 months ago. I have not been diagnosed with anything since i have never went to see anyone. Besides that i have problems with panic and anxiety attacks witch i have about 1-6 a month. I don’t have social anxiety thank god. I do undergo terrible mood swings when something “triggers” me too, but this rarely happens. The 2019-2020 school year has been the worst academically. I’m not sure if it has to do with this though. I was going to be taken to a psychologist, but for some reason my mom never took me. She also doesn’t want me to be given medication. Reason being i would like a service dog. Please give me y’all’s thoughts.

  2. Hello! I’ve been struggling with Vertigo(I don’t know what type of vertigo or what the usual cause for it is yet) for almost 3 years and haven’t found ways to help my vertigo become better or have it go away. My vertigo gets worse to the point where sometimes it stays for an entire week and I can’t go to school (Sometimes I’ll randomly get vertigo which usually goes away somewhere in the timespan of 5 minutes to an hour or 2.) The neurologist I saw last December gave my mom a note for my school to explain my problem and to set up a medical 504 plan. (Which is where they can’t get my mom in trouble for having me stay home so many days due to my vertigo. My teachers also were told about my medical problem and we have a procedure put in place if I were to suddenly get vertigo at school). When I am experiencing vertigo and have to move around I try and stay close to the wall or railing if there is one. But if there isn’t one around for me to stabilize myself with, I stumble around and have a chance of possibly falling. (Although it hasn’t happened yet. It almost has multiple times though.) There are a few things that also make my vertigo worse; Looking down towards the ground when up in a three story or higher building, being in a moving elevator, and going down slanted pathways as well as stairs. So far I have done an MRI, bloodwork, gone to a normal doctor, neurologist, an otolaryngologist, and an ophthalmologist. There is a few more type of specialists I should be seeing in the future and I have medication I can try that was given by the neurologist to hopefully help my vertigo become somewhat better when I experience it but I’m kinda afraid to try/take the medications in case I have an allergic reaction to one of them (my family has all sorts of allergies). Do you think I should see the other specialists/try the medication first before asking a doctor if I should get a service dog to help me? It would be for helping me get around places/helping me be stable and to grab things that I would normally have to get up in order to get, I’m guessing. I’m 14 as well.

  3. I have been looking into a service dog on my own as my father has invalidated me ssooooo many times. I have not gotten a diagnosis yet as I’m looking into getting that (making a presentation for him). But I think I have 3, maybe four anxiety disorders. GAD, SAD, PTSD, and maybe panic disorder. Lemme explain why I think I have these real fast. Either every day or every other day I have anxiety attacks. I have panic attacks VERY frequently. At times I have panic attacks because of memories of certain things in my childhood. (My mother was an extreme addict to certain things and tried to end her life twice; while I was in the house). I’m afraid to leave bed bc I’m afraid of being yelled at even though my dad hardly yells. I’m afraid of being attacked by my brother because he’s extremely mean, but my brother usually just teases me. I’m afraid of slipping up every day, and when I embarrass myself I have a panic attack. Every single day I try to stay inside and come up with different excuses. Quarantine was a relief. My life is constant chaos because being afraid to screw up makes me screw up. I don’t know what to do. Help?

  4. So I’ve been bounced around therapists and psychologists a while now, mainly because of our ensurance switching who they back. I also have a bad family history with medications and know I am very easily addicted to medications. But I’m afraid that if I bring up a SD to my new psych I’ll be told I have to take meds first.

  5. Hey I know I’m pretty late to this I’m a kid and in the uk but I do know kids are aloud service dogs for anxiety and I need your opinion if I should consider a service dog so I have had a pretty traumatic experience 2 years or more ago and it has made me scared of bangs/shouting and then my anxiety has mad me scared of everything school because of bullies um outfits shops sometimes

  6. Thank you I have REALLY bad anxiety and I need a service dog for it but I’m scared that walmart or Kroger will kick me out of if have a service dog

  7. My mom and I were recently looking into getting a service dog for me but I don’t know if I am qualified I have severe anxiety and depression and I get panic attacks. I tend to just keep my anxiety hidden as much as I can so it won’t interrupt my life as much but in reality I’m freaking out, I don’t have a therapist at the moment because I’m still waiting for them to contact me with my own therapist but I’m wondering if you think I could benefit from it.

  8. Thanks This very helpful me and my parents have been thinking about a mobility service dog can u give me some tips oh and I am 13 and my parents are on and off about it

  9. Hey I’ve been thinking about trying to get a service Dog for my Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Sensory processing disorder and I have thought about these things but I’m anxious because I’ve had one therapist before and she didn’t really help me and the meds the doctor she sent me to didn’t help me much either because I forget to take them. I’m just kinda nervous because I don’t have a doctor or anything right now but I will get one after I turn 18 but I don’t want to spring it on him/her right away even though I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

  10. What if you can’t afford to program train a dog but also I’d a medical emergency (also have two children under 5 who depend on me as I am a stay at home mom)

  11. I’ve been looking into getting a service dog for a while for my anxiety and depression. When I go into depressive episodes it prevents me from doing simple things that you need to do everyday. I don’t want to do anything like eat or leave my room. It’s continuously gotten much worse over the course of the year. I can’t travel without having panic attacks that can get severe enough to where I need to lay down on the ground to prevent myself from vomiting or fainting. I had an Ed previously and still struggle with it. I’m just still very scared about talking about getting a service dog because I’m not sure how my family would feel. I think they will just assume since I’m 14 it’s gonna grow out but I know it won’t. Do you have any advice on this?

  12. A service dog is NOT the same thing as an emotional support dog. A service dog helps you do a life chore that you cannot do by yourself.
    There are far too many people playing a game trying to get a pet in your apt even though the manager says so no pets.
    A service dog is not one you get because your claiming psychological issues.

  13. I’ve had severe anxiety & depression for about 10+ years now. It’s a constant truggle to sleep, get out of bed, eat & do day to day activities. I struggle to focus & even lose focus/black out for minutes at a time. Have panic attacks due to the anxiety whether I am out in public or in the safety of my home & even worse anxiety attacks when I’ve had mini asthma attacks, making it that much harder to breathe. I’ve tried medication but it made things worse & find it very difficult to stick to a therapist/psychologists in the past (I constantly changed them due to not feeling comfortable). I have been told by a medical professional maybe a Multi purpose service animal should be somethin to look into but I didnt think much of it because of financial difficulties in the past. But now I’m realizing maybe I should bring it up again because it’s all gettin worse?

  14. I have panic attacks a lot more often than I used to and basic things set me off, like the dark, blind corners, repetitive sounds like a clock ticking or my own heartbeat I haven’t been diagnosed or gone to a doctor and I’m scared to. Also that clicking sound in the video triggered me.

  15. Hey I am looking into getting a service dog for my anxiety I can’t go anywhere without having an anxiety attack and no longer go to public school because of it I think a service dog would help me but I doubt my mental illness is”bad enough” and I don’t want to go the medication route and I’m going to therapy but I think it would help in the meantime. Do you have any advice I am taking all the advice I can get.

  16. I’ve recently found your channel and let me just say, it’s so informative and helpful. I really appreciate all your videos!! you’re amazing, thank you :)❤️

  17. I’m worried about asking and like seeing if I would be great with school I can’t go outside with room of people I don’t feel comfortable with I have a dog already and he helps me so much as I can just escape the world with him I’m getting a female puppy her parent haven’t got any health issues and she a Pomerian which would be great as I can’t have a big dog with me at school if I do

  18. What if I dont currently have a doctor that I’m seeing? I used to but my mom stopped paying him so I couldn’t go anymore. She forced me to stop taking my medication immediately also because she didnt approve of it. After my therapist moved away my father refused to let me find a new one so I have no doctor that I can talk to…

  19. This is extremely helpful! I’m owner training my pup for ptsd. He naturally does tasks when I need him. It’s alot of work but I dont have $20,000 :/

  20. I’ve been looking in to getting a service dog for my anxiety and depression. It has been really hard for me to get out of bed let alone go to school. I haven’t been to school in weeks and my mum said that if I don’t go she could get in serious trouble and get fined but it’s just really hard for me. I think that a service dog would benefit me because they’re legally allowed in public places which would be great when I go to school it would also help me get excessive and be outdoors because dogs need to be outside and go on walks. We’ve tried so many different things to help me with my anxiety and depression during therapy sessions but nothing is working and I really don’t want to go on medication.

  21. I want to get a service dog for my anxiety and depression. Some days I can’t get out of bed and I don’t eat. Also I’ve not been able to schoolwork it just stresses me out too much. My parents have called me a slug and lazy but they don’t understand. In cars or walking even I think everything is gonna hurt me. I’m trying to figure out how to tell my parents that I need to see a therapist and then I can talk about it with her/him. I have anxiety and panic attacks almost everyday and I self harm about everyday.

  22. I’m 13 and I have anxiety about being in public and I haven’t told anybody about it since it started 2 years ago And I have been looking ito soulutions for awhile now and I think this is good but don’t know how to talk about it (I am shy never talk to anyone that I don’t personally now)any advice

  23. I feel really guilty that I want one but the thing is, is that if I don’t know someone I get very bad anxiety especially if a guardian is not there. And when I am alone at night and early in the morning I just have this feeling that someone is coming to slaughter me. Especially when I’m not at home. Sometimes if I need to go to the bathroom at night or early in the morning I HAVE to hold it in. And if I don’t then I stay in the bathroom until I feel safe enough to come out. My dad never really pays attention to me so he doesn’t ever notice.

  24. what type of dog is he? hes beautiful. This actually helped me tons because ive been talking to my parents for months but they swear a doctor has to say I can/should get one. ive talked to other handlers and stuff about getting one and still doing research a year and half later. I struggle from anxiety and depression where ill have an anxiety/panic attack and not be able to breath but its like i dont realize and ill scratch and hit myself so much sometimes. what do you think? id love more info

  25. I am younger then 18 and I have severe anxiety and panic attacks that cause me to not be able to breathe. I want to talk to a doctor about this but I am afraid they will say no immedietly becuase I LOOK normal and my doctor is not the type of person to change there minds. I know alot of people who say kids and teens similar to me get turned down becuase of age from doctors. I think I could benefit from one but am scared all my research about service dogs will go to waste. I have thinking that since the process is so long that I could get a puppy and teach it service dog tasks and obedience at home and when or if I get a doctors not I can start pa (public access). I was thinking some tasks like DPT, alerting when I am having an anxiety attack (becuase I normally start with touching my face alot), and leading me to a safe place. How should I approach my doctor?

  26. I know I’m late but if you have constant panic attak or severe anxiety would you maybe need a service dog because in my case no one really knows about my panic attacks and anxiety but If when I have a panic attack and I get the feeling of a heart attack and I feel extremely lonely would i consider talking to my doctor?by the way I’m 13 so I’m in middle school still

  27. I am half deaf, have a complex PTSD disorder and a bunch of physical health problems and i think a service dog would help but i also dont know if i would be able to take care of them because of the health problems (i cant walk sometimes and cant bend over without getting super dizzy) , i plan to live with friends who would be okay with helping out in taking care of them but i still worry about it – Dee

  28. The law *doesn’t* treat Psychiatric Service Dogs the same as ESAs. For starters, ESAs don’t have public access rights, they don’t have to be trained any tasks, etc.

  29. Thanks I’ve been thinking about a service dog bcs my anxiety prevents me from doing simple tasks like going to school my medicine doesn’t help to much and other stuff and I fall during anxiety attacks so I need a dog so I don’t hurt myself

  30. Okay I want your opinion on if I am exaggerating how I feel. From my psychiatrist I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit mostly), severe social anxiety, severe generalized anxiety, and very severe panic attack disorder as well as seasonal/maybe not seasonal depression. My therapist also throws in ocd but obvi he can’t diagnose that. I talked to my psychiatrist about training my already ESA as a service dog (I have a close friend who would assist with her professionally and personally trained service dog) but he states that he is reluctant to classify me as psychiatrically disabled and thinks that a combination of the (THREE) meds I’m on (not the starting dose this has been a constant progress for over a year) and the WEEKLY therapy sessions my poor therapist thinks is needed does not classify me as disabled.

  31. Hey! So i was wondering i know you can not diagnose me for a SD but some close friends were suggesting I get a psychiatric SD due to me being bipolar and having really bad anxiety. I am afraid to tell my parents about it because they may tell me to get over it but I even started being homeschooled because being around other people made me really anxious. I am starting college very soon and want to do it online so I am not around people due to my anxiety attacks around lots of people.Also I am afraid to get medication for it due to side effects i have heard about from other people. I just think a SD would really help calm me and help a lot. Do you have any advice on what I should do?

  32. i’ve struggled with GAD since i was nine. i’ve been hospitalized, tried meds, etc. i am supposed to be getting diagnosed with BPD soon. this would be my last option, i’ve tried the others and nothing else worked for me. i truly think this will help me. do you think BPD and GAD could qualify for one? they disable me from doing things such as school , getting out of bed in the morning , going to sleep on time/waking up on time , eating on a regular schedule , and taking care of myself.

  33. So I might be 11 but I don’t know much but idk if I can have one because wen my parents say no or just scream at my I go to my room and cry and it rely hard to breathe and I can’t tell them and I just cry but idk if i counts like anxiety

  34. Help, I talked to my doctor and I had a very bad mental breakdown and panic attack on the phone and was of course trying hide it all because my doctor said I didn’t have panic attacks. I know I have them and they think I don’t need one because I couldn’t take care of it and that all I need to do is go outside and challenge myself. All that does for me is make it worse and I can’t tell people there wrong so I said ok with a waterfall coming down my eyes. I don’t know what to say because I don’t want to sound Beggy but I know I can take care of animals because I do better than myself. Does anyone know what I should say and or been in this situation?
    @Bailey the survive pupper I believe all that you say and feel and think you are very thoughtful but my doctors aren’t and I can’t say that so idk what to do

  35. Thank you. I have a couple of problems with myself ect. I have been told by a professional that she doesn’t think that I am able to get through this by myself. My family doesnt know how to help me, plus I am moving away after summer to go to highschool. My problem is that there is no one that can be here for me right now all the time. Like yes I have a counsellor that I talk to sometimes about my problems ect. But she wont be here for me after summer. I will be somewhere that I don’t know with people I don’t know. I get panic attacks which can lead to self-harm which happens most of the time. If I had a service dog that knew how to help me if I had an anxiety or panic attack then I feel like it would help me a lot. I have also trouble being somewhere I dont know alone which is whats gonna happen after summer so.. yeah.. I looked at the information about a service dog in my country, the dog will be for free but things like bowls ect ofcourse not. Plus for me it would take around 9 months (I wouldnt train by myself). My anxiety is pretty bad too especially in an enviroment that I dont know. I would feel safe with a service dog but I will talk with my counsellor first about it.

  36. Thank you so much for this I think it will help me when talking to my doctor in the next few weeks. However, what concerns me is that since a doctor’s note or recommendation is not really required just documented that you have a disability. How is it stopping people from just getting a dog and self-training it and saying it’s a service dog? If no proof is required. Are you to just to take handler’s word? Do they actually have a documented disability? ADA states handlers can be asked two questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform. Well, anyone could say yes to any disability they feel and if they’ve self-trained the dog, they would be able to provide tasks. I’m really confused. Is this why there are so many fraudulent claimants out there?

  37. I struggle to take care of myself but I’m good at taking care of my brothers at home service cat (aka task trained esa not recognized under the ada) he isn’t really capable of doing things like feeding the cat making sure she had water making sure she gets a bath things like that and I was thinking a sd could be trained to encourage me to go do the simple things I need to do to be a functioning member of society such as waking up eating getting in the shower just hoping a dog could guide me to those places I need to go and push my to do those things also retrieving things, remembering where I placed medication and retrieving it, comforting me doing anxiety attacks episodes etc. alerting me for medical needs and also blocking people from getting close alerting me when people are getting close and being their to make me feel comfortable living independently and diverting me from situations when I get uncomfortable or maybe I don’t need or deserve a service dog and I should just give up the idea because I don’t need one? Idk

  38. I’m wondering if I need a SD. I have anxiety and paranoia
    I’m always alert especially when I’m home alone I always wanna hide when I’m alone.
    I don’t want to take medication because I’m scared of overdose even though I know this is in my head.
    I get embarrassed and angry with my self if I do something eg a argument i hate my self after those because I think the whole school will come after me also I always worry about if people think I’m useless and when someone is rude to me and I don’t even know them it makes me sad and I start panicking
    Can you tell me if you think I need one or not

  39. I am looking into getting one. I have major anxiety disorder and stress. Sometimes its hard for me to stay in a classroom at school because of all the people talking and it just makes my mind get all messed up. When I get stressed I start to hyperventilate and have trouble breathing. I also have been struggling in the past with eating when I am depressed. My parents say that I am fine and I should just put more off onto god, but I know it will never get better. I feel like i’m just being over the top sometimes. I’m super scared to talk to my therapist because I have trusting issues and don’t really want to ask for the fear of her laughing at me or putting me down. Or even her thinking I am desperate. I’m afraid though that I don’t qualify for it. What do you think? I know you are not a medical professional and all but how should I approach this? I honestly have no clue and I think my parents just think I’m desperate at this point..

  40. I personally feel like i would benefit from a SD. But I don’t wanna bring it up to my doctor bc I feel like she will think I just WANT one….

  41. I REALLY appreciate your comment about meds. I made that point to a friend about how long meds take to work. I’m 21 and I’ve been on meds since I was 13/14 (Currently unmedicated tho) and it’s frustrating going thru the different meds and them just not working or even making mental illnesses worse

  42. Hi im only 13 and have sever depression and anxiety can i get a sd for that because i need the sd to come to school with me and my state does not allow esa’s even if they are trained

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