How To Use a Multimeter Part 3 MiracleMAX

How To Use a Multimeter Part 3 MiracleMAX

So you’ve finally decided to buy a digital multimeter. Great!
OK, what do you buy?
This video is designed to help you purchase a meter that will suit your wallet as well as fill your requirements.

MiracleMAX wants you to be safe, however, no guarantee can be given against improper use or unauthorised modifications on the information provided. The repair shown in this video is carried out at your own risk and any property damage or injury is your own responsibility. Please ensure you carry out this repair safely using approved safe work practices, correct use of recommended tools and equipment. This video is educational only and is no guarantee of a result if done incorrectly. Any injury, damage or loss due to incorrect use of tools, information or equipment is the sole responsibility of the person carrying out the repair and not MiracleMAX.


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  1. I have a Repco RMM36C
    I can see this is Part 3 of how to use a multimeter. Will check-out 1 and 2 to see if you provide lessons on how to use. My multimeter has two cables/wires and three ports. If I want to use the 10A port do I unplug the black wire connected to COM or the red wire connected to CXmA?
    I admit I just need a multimeter to perform the very basics of electrical investigations, but knowing a little more would be useful.

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