how we travel with everything we own

how we travel with everything we own

For 2 years, we’ve traveled across Mexico with ALL our belongings—including our husky, Laska. Today we’re telling you what we own and why!
►We love our traveling chiropractor:

Thanks to Local Nomads for the inspiration:

Everything we own must fit in our tiny, tangerine car as we travel in Mexico. What’s in our bags after 2 years on the road? We’re sharing ALL from our travel essentials to the quirky little things we own in 2020.


Chirp Wheels
Jade Roller: Get a discount w/ code TANGERINE at or
Yoga Mat
Healthcare & Vitamins
Pill Case
Cold & Flu Tablets

Sony Camera
Sony Action Cam
Rode mic
GoPro Tripod
GoPro Suction
GoPro Clip
GoPro Floater
GoPro Case

Lint Rollers
Lint Wand
Weird Fur Remover
Dog Brush
Dog Bowls

Cold Brew Maker
Glass Containers
German Chef’s Knife
Knife Sharpener
Our Favorite Tea (
Tiny Tool Kit
Bug Zapper
Turkish Towels

Cord Organizer
Emergency Device

Large Suitcase
Power Bank
Flip Flops
Collapsible Hamper
Men’s UPF shirt
Packable Down Jacket
Electric Toothbrush
Hair Gel
Luggage Scale

Fanny pack
Travel Tissues
Telescoping straw
Sony Headphones
Lipstick Power Bank
Cover-ups &
Womens UPF shirt
Packing cubes
Yoga Pants
Bar Shampoo & Conditioner &
Mini Hair Dryer
Epsom Salt
Natural Toner
Bamboo Toothbrushes
Toms Toothpaste
Plastic-Free Floss
Luna Cup
Derma roller

In January 2018, we sold everything we owned in the US (except our husky Laska & what fit in our tiny, tangerine Prius C3) to travel the world—starting with Mexico. Since then, we’ve been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. If you’d like to join our shenanigans, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also poke around our social media to find out what we’re up to each week.

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  1. Saw you guys walking your dog, we were also walking ours, nice to see you in person my wife finally met you lol

  2. You guys really have it down
    When I go to Vegas for a week I take one carry on luggage. I refuse to check any luggage any more. I have had too much pilfering . You are phenomenal. Thanks!

  3. You are a rare woman in my experience. All of the ones I know have some kind of primitive drive to just keep buying and collecting things. Making travelling lite a impossibly. Even if we started with a suitcase inside of a month I would be towing a trailer behind the Tangerine mobile

  4. Pretty cool content for being locked down I hope life gets back to normal for y’all and all of us sooner than later and we get to see some of the marvelous places that you go. I’ll send donations as I can to help you guys out. I have heard some articles in the u.s. news about Mexicans looting and stealing from local stores I just hope it doesn’t get crazy down there

  5. I understand Jordan having books like that lol. I study Chemical Engineering and lemme tell ya, them books are HEAVY, and you always have to carry 3 or 4 when you travel. Everyone always laughs when they see that I travel with chemistry books on my suitcase haha.

  6. Buy a new battery for you laptop. Get a few more years out of it. They don’t get slow. The software gets more complicated and gets slower…. Clean w/CCLeaner and Malewarebytes often. Peace out, have fun be safe. Risk it a bit, or life is dull as a old knife edge. Don’t cut it! Ha

  7. Hi Maddie&Jordan. I’ve just discovered ur channel…..And I love it. I’m an older lady and so advised to self isolate. That’s bad enough but my anxiety is through the roof. I’m sooo scared right now. It’s nearly 4 30AM in UK but I can’t sleep worrying about Covid 19 and how people are suffering. But I want to tell u both how ur video took my mind off of everything scary. So a big huge thanku. I was in Cancun with my son &his wife & my fab grandkids last year. We had the best time. Anyway I’ve subscribed & look 4ward to all ur videos. Love u two!!!. Stay safe &well .Blessings from England

  8. You are a cute couple. I feel sorry for u being in Mexico, sorry. Don’t trust the country or nothing. Please please be careful. Go back home and stay healthy.

  9. If you’ve been missing visiting your chiropractor during quarantine, you might grab yourself some Chirp Wheels We call them our "traveling chiropractor" and it was one of our best purchases of 2019.

  10. Study up on local Festivals and Arts Exhibits. Do some videos along those classy line. Might need Jordan in a Tux n Tails. Lask in a Bow tie. Maddie w Tiarra and Cocktail Dress all in tennis shoes. Ha.

  11. You guys have got it wired with packaging in those suitcases! Hope you guys are staying safe with the covid 19 quarantine.

  12. If you all get back to Morelia and Michoacán and make it out to Pátzcuaro, make sure and go to a store called El Jorongo. They make clothing and rugs and products out of wool. They’re some Americans who moved to Mexico and started a store. There’s also a furniture store run by an American I remember going to as well but I can’t remember the name. If you need any Michoacán travel tips, I spent a month there in 2001 and two weeks in 2005.

  13. I love this video! You guys did such a great job showing and explaining all of your stuff n’ things! Hugs w/out virus!

  14. I loved this video, I am so getting that chirp wheel when i get back to the states, I have a big red ball I roll on here but wow that thing looks like it would give my spine a good stretch, its so important, I had a Styrofoam roll back home but that chirp is looks more convenient and looks like it would even give a better stretch than the foam. thank you for that. I still have my laundry baskets also, bought them before we moved here because of one of your videos. I have the same amount of supplements, I have found someone that imports here, but they are so costly, good to see you both take such good care of yourselves. thank you for doing this and making it fun.

  15. I don’t normally watch videos of people playing show-and-tell with their luggage, but it was you guys, so I made an exception.

  16. It’s funny how you assume that things that are common in poor mexican people or poor cities are common in all Mexico.

  17. Wow, that was a lot of work your videos never disappoint. I ordered a knife sharpener like yours and I’m reading about essential oils

  18. That was interesting to see how you pack, what you packed, & why you packed, but only 1 thing left me baffled that I had never heard of. At 60 you think you’d know everything. I love aroma therapy! Look forward to your next video!

  19. Awesome Video guys!! yesss, roll up your shirts and jeans to make more space AND to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled. Seems like your very organized Maddie. Looks like most of the clothes are Maddies. Jordan has t shirts and underwear. lol lol Anyway, good thing Maddie doesnt have a 500 shoes to pack. lol So when are you getting married?? and Where? maybe a Vegas drive thru chapel? And if things dont work out, try the drive thru Divorce. lol (Alimony not included) lol just kiddin. You guys are 2 peas in a pod. Keep the videos coming. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Be safe during your "Corona-cation"! lol You should use that word in your videos. lol 🙂

  20. Hi! Janie here… Loved your video and what’s in your bags!! Where do we find the items/links to products you mentioned?? Above all, I’m in need of a good, sharp knife! Thanks!

  21. Thank you once again for your wonderful advice on this vlog. You both are such a cute couple….I have finished my self isolating now, but still will be keeping in the house as gatherings outside are only allowed two people and 1.5 metre distance apart. I miss Mexico. Hopefully the world gets back to normal and then I’m on a plane and heading to Mexico again….lol…. And a shout to Josue y Sebastian at Hotel Hacienda Real Del Caribe….and hugs to Laska…….

  22. Maddie: I dont like buying plastic
    Also Maddie: So here’s 100+ plastic bottles of pills, vitamins, essential oils and containers

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