1. Bless u for adopting Henry! I also adopted a pug 1 yr ago to keep my 11 yo pug company! My first pug, Lovie is now 12 and our adopted puggy is
    Lil’ Man and he is 9 now. We live in a Chicago suburb and pugs are also very popular over here! Stay well and enjoy your new fur baby❤

  2. So great! Oscar and Henry…so sweet when you boys were playing with the stuffed toy ❤️ You both looked so happy!

  3. This video helped loads as I’m wanting to adopt a dog and wanted to just know if they we a good place to chose from ❤️❤️

  4. Very nice and very well informative information regarding the where about’s of a pug and how to spend some really good quality time with your pug

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