IM SO EXCITED!!!! so we decided to adopt skout because he is a hyper yet very good dog. he is so pretty and nice and fun! thanks to all the workers who helped us find the perfect dog for us(: Im so excited to have a dog!!!!!!

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  1. if anybody is looking for a cool toys or something for any adopted pets you can go to Alfredpaws.com and im glade we are helping these pets i also feed and volunteer and this was a great video

  2. If u are tired of ur other dog u should absolutely NOT get a new one bcs adoptivfaren from a shelter isnt for all people that want to do a good thing, but for people who wants to give them a loving family

  3. My yorkie knows when its time for her bath and she just hides. But when we get her and put her in the shower she just stands still.

  4. Good for you, adopting a shelter dog. Everyone in the middle class in the US seems to think they all need purebred puppies at $4000 a piece and so many lonely doggos in shelters are going to be destroyed as our petit bourgeois keeps the breeders in business.

  5. I have no idea why anybody would ever get a dog to keep it outside… I rescued a little terrier mix from a local shelter when he was 4 months old, after he was transferred from a kill shelter. At night I get nervous when he isn’t in bed with me; I could not ever imagine him being on another floor in my house, let alone outside alone!! Please if you wanna get a dog and keep it outside, then it might be better off in the shelter until a better person comes along!! ) disclaimer: I do not know if this dog in the video was kept outside.

  6. Please please please don’t make him an outside dog why get a dog if your going just leave him outside it’s cruel

  7. I find it weird that you chose to adopt max as it didn’t seem like you clicked. Obviously it’s gonna take a while for him to adjust to his new environment and family but still it seemed like you only adopted him because he was ‘so cute’. Also border collies are extremely intelligent and energetic dogs so he will need lots of mental and physical stimulation to keep him busy. Best of luck with him I hope he turns out to be the right choice.

  8. Dogs literally have the fur to be able to stay outside and where do you think they used to stay before they were tamed? Not inside that’s for sure. I have three cats and they stay outside during the winter in a house filled with straw and if need be we put a space heater just to be sure. PETS ARE OKAY TO BE OUTSIDE THOUGH!!

  9. I know this is over a year ago idk what has happened since with this dog but can we please touch on the fact that this dog was clearly afraid and you are over here hugging him (which you can see he did not like) your dad or who ever the man is, the dog was obviously afraid of him when he stepped towards him to try and get him to sit or whatever he was doing. Also the car listen he came from a shelter who knows how long its been since he was in a car not to mention who knows what happened to him in a car and you were about to drag him in. You needed to be more patient and not treat him as if he has had all that cuddling and graby stuff before. Dog body language look at him, its very important. Now if someone tries to say that that dog wasnt scared please go back and rewatch it.

  10. I know you think that just jf u adopt a dog from a shelter it will be happy no matter what, but they are just the same as other dogs, they like to be inside with theyre family and just bcs its big and has fur it doesn’t mean he or she likes to be outside

  11. I love to see how the rescued dogs take such a lonnnnnnng sleep when they finally know they are safe. <3 3:49

  12. Me: *sees Minks tongue sticking out. Laughs soo hard* You guys are so great! Love you! ❤️ 3:51

  13. When you said he might be dead my heart sank I was like heck nooo this little kitten is not dying I am so thankful you guys saved this little guys life 4:36

  14. I love it when the caller ends up adopting the animal they called you about! Serendipitous! ♥️ 4:54

  15. We have adopted a dog from a shelter foster mum. He is 6 and the sweetest boy ever. He has had a very hard life and although we have
    had dogs for 48 years, we have never had a rescue dog before. Our dogs are part of our family and we could never leave them outside. They need lots of love and company. If you are considering getting a dog, please make sure that the dog will have a loving warm environment and not be alone for hours on end. They can be part of your exercise routine but fun!
    Never allow children to climb on them or abuse them. Children need to be trained as to how to behave towards a dog. The pros of having are dog are endless. The only con is that you do lose your freedom to go out for hours. A small price to pay for the pleasure you receive.

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