I NEED ANOTHER PET!!!! Melbourne Day 1

I NEED ANOTHER PET!!!! Melbourne Day 1

Hey Kendaily Fam! If you are not yet part of our vlog farm click here to subscribe!—- http://bit.ly/2bMte5qhis was shot June 3rd 2017. Hope you love our upcoming vlogs of our journey in Australia! There will be more vlogs coming from our time in Melbourne and Cairns as well! Hi Kendaily Fam! Missed you! We are now home but these are our vlogs from Australia! Please remember that this trip was booked and paid for back in November before the ad boycott (most of you probably remember me talking about this back then on the main channel). Just don’t need anymore mean comments from random people accusing us of randomly buying this trip during the dip in ad revenue on YouTube. Also remember Josh also has a job lol…. sorry to even have to point this out as I know most of you would know us well enough that we would never lie like that but there are bullies on the internet… inspired by “drama channels” that lie about our life. That’s just what you get for being honest and having your life online I guess right? Anyway, we love you guys, enjoy learning about Australia, we were so grateful to go there. AMAZING PEOPLE- LOVE YOU AUSSIE SUBSCRIBERS!
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  1. I’ve been waiting for this vlog for so long! I’m from Melbourne and it’s so exciting to see a YouTuber I love in my city! ❤️ I hope you enjoyed yourself

  2. woohooo! I feel oh on another pet! I have a boxer/bull terrier mix that we rescued there years ago & I want another so bad.

  3. The first day when I was in oz I was so ill with jet lag was physically sick and took me about 3 days to recover! But then I flew from Scotland and took 2 13 hour flights to get there! Never again haha.

  4. Sucks to hear about the Cat Cafe. I think with that cafe all the cats are residents there and not for adoption…

  5. tbh im only watching ur videos bc of your dog XD im going to get my own havanese soon and im so excited that i cant stop watching videos of havanese dogs so yah thanks for filming ya dogs so much i enjoy it xd

  6. I wish I knew how to do my makeup like you! Im glad you had fun out there! Oh btw I just ordered the Virgo AF hoodie off your spreadshirt site then i got this notification!(: glad you had fun!

  7. Successfully just finished watching all of your vlogs! I started with your wedding one a few weeks ago and made it a goal to watch them all. Haha I’m a creep. I love keeping up with you and Josh and all the animals and hope for more in the future! Cheers!

  8. Kendall, what deal website did you guys use to book this trip? I’m looking into planning a trip to Hawaii for November/December as a treat to myself for surviving my first year of college!

  9. Could you make the audio in your intro not as loud? It scares the shit out of me every time, then i turn it back up once you officially come on.

  10. Uhhh lol, authentic Italian restaurants in Italy will have small menus because they offer items that are freshly prepared for each customer and use high quality ingredients… That other restaurant probably had their sauces frozen and pre-prepared. But anyway, it’s good you guys had a good time! Melbourne is beautiful!

  11. AWWWW!!!! I WANTED THOSE PUPPIES!! My heart! :] Love the plan, for your cats one day, sounds really cool. & yes, traveling is tiring, that´s why I usually nap for about an hour & halg before I go out to sight see bc it helps me focus & not be grumpy personally. I say you guys handled it great. CONGRATSSSS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! & to many more years to come :] Australia does seem to have it going on

  12. you really don’t have to worry so much about pronouncing Melbourne correctly it’s not that big a deal we know it’s your accent. I can say that cause I live here lol. I hope you enjoyed Melbourne also minimum wage is good because everything is so damb expensive look at how much makeup and houses cost here lol.

  13. Happy One Year Anniversary what a great way to spend it! So Happy that you had such a great time in my Home Town Melbourne..Hope enjoyed Queen Vic Market so much to see there awesome stalls an entertainment. Melbourne has so much Culture… Much Love an Blessings to you Both <3

  14. I love you so much i watch all your stuff #snapsquaddd Keep up the good work Kendall you are so inspiring to me!!!!!

  15. If you ever come back to Melbourne you need to eat at the Spaghetti Tree! It’s the cutest little Italian restaurant that has so much character.

  16. Guys, you should go to Tasmania right now as the Whales are breaching to gobble up Krill.
    There, it is such an amazing place and there are way more things to see. It’s windy and will be bitterly cold too.
    Check out Cradle Mountain and do the walk around the mountain lake and walk through a tropoical rainforest in the cradle. Weird, but true?
    Also heaps of Seals, Whales, Potkins, Wombats and Tassie Devils, birds and great old towns with the old Aussie charm. But go to the animal welfare societies, get to meet real wild animals up close!
    But there is more… The best seafood, the best freshest berries of all kinds and the cheese factory
    Happy hunting..

  17. I just started watching you. We are from RI & are driving to Georgia in Dec. 2017 to pick up 2 HAVAPOO PUPPIES, brother and sister. Vicky & Vinny. Saw you guys with BERNIE,so Adorable. I know you make food & treats for Bernie. I would like to know your recipes, if you can. Happy Wedding Anniversary.Carol & Bob.

  18. next time you come to melbourne i wanna be your tour guide!!! love you so so much and am a little too obsessed with your channel hehe!

  19. ummm have you been to Italy? I’ve been there so often and I feel like I have to defend the small restaurants that only have around 10 items because those are usually the BEST because they’re making everything from scratch made to order…. I’ve been to michelin starred restaurants from Italy to Sweden and in pretty much all of the best restaurants the menu fits onto one page but everything is AMAZING because they’re not just getting some sauce out of a freezer but it’s totally fresh…

  20. Hey Kendall, Im sure you wont see this or anything… but you guys should look into going to Estonia. It is super cheap…on the Euro and loads of fun! I think you guys would love it! Cheers!

  21. Awesome! Can’t wait to go to Australia one day as well! Congratulations on your first anniversary!!

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