I Tried Ordering Live Fish in the Mail

I Tried Ordering Live Fish in the Mail

I tried to order live fish and live corals in the mail. A lot of people don’t really know how the process of shipping fish through the mail works, so I figured I’d try it out on camera and show you guys! I had a bad time a year or two ago when I tried to do this and ended up with 4 shipments in a row of dead fish, so I wanted to try it again and see how, or if, it works!
The only two websites I used today were
liveaquaria.com and cherrycorals.com
I’m working on saving up my money to get my own place again, but after that I want to start diving in (hehehe no pun intended) to upgrading and working on my tank again and maybe start up a second tank as well, and just get back into aquarium videos!
just an fyi when shopping for coral frags online pls remember most coral sellers take pics of their corals under black light and they will look less colorful under regular reef lights.

also I broke my camera in the process of filming this on top of blowing money on so many fish so pls watch ads thanks love u xoxo

Music used during end montages:
27:38 : Cornelia (Luwaks Remix) by The Eastern Plain
31:21 : Dryland by Nebulae

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  1. Why are you knocking a cheese fish you can get a new cheese fish you can get you in to replace all the ones that are the one that died off!

  2. Reasons others will get a fish :
    1. They lonely
    2.their kids want one
    3.they want to learn about them
    4. They want a pet that does not need much care

    Reasons why Nicole get a fish:
    1.for a video
    2. She wants to mail it to see if it comes dead
    3.it looks dumb

  3. Tysm for the method! We just got some goldfish the other day and we had to google how to put them in but then u did it! TYSM!!!!

  4. i fell asleep with my computer and i accidentally searched up ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  5. Your angler fish needs to be on the cover of Vogue. I need to see the trendiest fish chicks.


  6. And your the one that says all hermit crabs suck as pets cuz 100% percent of people don’t know how to take care of them? Talk about un responsible pet owners. You can’t be talking girl ordering fish In The mail is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard

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