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I Will Never Forgive What My Bestfriend Did To Me | Animated Stories | My Story Animated | My Story

I Will Never Forgive What My Bestfriend Did To Me

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3 years ago I left my ex husband after he was arrested for being abusive.
I moved in with my mom and started a job. I also immediately jumped into a long distance relationship with an old friend, which was a poor choice as I was still working out issues from my ex husband. I was doing very well at my new job and even began training the new hires. One new hire and I became very close. Let’s call him Nathan. We hung out all the time. One day Nathan was dropping me off at my house after work and one thing led to another and we kissed. I felt horrible for cheating on my boyfriend at the time, but at the same time it was exciting. And also fulfilled much needed physical affection that was lacking in my long distance relationship. Against my better judgement Nathan and I continued our secret friends with benefits relationship behind our partners backs. Everything was fine until Nathan said he had developed feelings for me. I told him that I liked him, but I couldn’t see us in a relationship. And Nathan actually agreed. On many occasions he told me I didn’t “fit in” with his lifestyle. I wasn’t sure what the point of him bringing this up was. But every so often, he would bring it back up and ask me to leave my boyfriend for him. Each time I would gently let him down. Eventually this caused issues between us. After one of our big fights we stopped talking, and I later found out he had started spreading rumors about me. People at work started bullying me and my bosses didn’t seem to take it very seriously.
That’s when I met my now fiance. He and I became fast friends. I realized i had developed feelings for him and decided instead of repeating the same mistakes I made with Nathan, I should break up with my boyfriend. So I did and soon after my fiance, let’s call him Vincent, and I started dating. As you can imagine Nathan was upset by this. And as you imagine, he made things at work worse. The rumors got worse and he even got one of his friends to start physically bullying me. She would push me if I walked past her, or “accidentally” fell on me. Things all came to a head one day when he keyed Vincent’s car and covered it in pepper spray. The cops were involved but there were no cameras so nothing happened.
After that Nathan quit. His friend eventually apologized. The rumors died down. Life was good. A year passed by, I had gotten a promotion, Vincent proposed, everything was looking up. And then Nathan walked through the doors of my job. He had started working there again. I imagined the worst but surprisingly it wasn’t bad. Nathan and I would politely smile at each other in passing, but other than that we never spoke. Until one night. The worst night of my life.

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  1. I play the video…

    What? Is she randomly telling a story while she’s getting ready to go to a fancy dress party?

    Btw this the first time I have watched these people, so the voice is kinda… um… new to me…?

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  3. Like, if you were drunk, and you did not know what was happening then how are you explaining it right now…

  4. god how many boys were included in this can I get a count pls….I would NOT let boys ruin my life like that just saying like if u agree

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