1. Love the idea of a review on the product, but really don’t need to see you unbox it or read the printed specifications.  I’m a big fan of the "get to the point" school of YouTube videos.  I did really appreciate that you would stop the camera, flip the seat cover over, and resume filming rather than continuing to film the whole process.  Overall, a helpful video.  Thanks!

  2. Pretty cool seat cover as difinitely priced right as I don’t know how they make money as I thought it would be at least $50…Good info and vid sir….Good stuff…

  3. I think its great for people to have. Drives me nuts seeing dog’s jumping all over drivers in parking lots. If kids can’t do it for safety reasons neither should dogs. Plus keeps your car in good shape for resale

  4. Wonder if I could make it heated seat cover??? Well if ibuddy makes one I would only want a one check payment.

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