Idabel Oklahoma Pound 1/13/15

Idabel Oklahoma Pound 1/13/15

While in the beginning everyone was outraged at a dog having resulted in eating another dog when that wasn’t the case. All sources of the following information are listed at the end of the post.
1. The dead puppy was apparently cut open along the spine. 1/13/15 Abe Thomas video
2. There is very little blood in the pen when there should have been a substantial amount. 1/13/15 Abe Thomas video
3. There are no organs inside of the dead puppy. 1/13/15 Abe Thomas video
4. Cecil Richards, the Animal Control Officer of Idabel, stated to the Tulsa World that he had played with the puppy at 10:30 that morning. 1/14/15 Tulsa World
5. Cecil Richards claims on the tv broadcast by KTEN that the puppy had been at the facility for 4 days, had no punctures and that they took pictures of the carcass. 1/4/15 KTEN TV news broadcast
6. Mayor Tina Foshee-Thomas claims on KSLA tv that Richards cleaned and hosed out the kennel the morning of the incident and then fed and watered the dogs. 1/15/15 KSLA TV news broadcast
7. The pound ran out of dog food in December before Christmas.
8. In 2010 Cecil Richards was brought up on charges after having taken a mama dog to the pound and leaving the 5 week old puppies to fend for themselves. Oct 6, 2010 McCurtain Gazette
9. Tulsa Humane Society President, Gina Gardner, reached out to Mayor Tina Foshee-Thomas offering to vet the animals and anything else they needed. Mayor Foshee refused. 1/15/15 Tulsa World
10. The City of Idabel did an investigation and clearing Cecil Richards of any wrong doing. 1/16/15 McCurtain Gazette


  1. First to address Julia….breed specific profiling is wrong. We own 5….yes 5 pitbulls and they are amazing members of our family. Punish the deed not the breed. Little dogs like you probably put in your purse are worse than my pitbulls. On this video….this is horrible and they need to investigate this pound.

  2. Same kind of problem in Holdenville. Hard to get anything done, except maybe a slap on the hand. Too many "good ole boys" in charge.

  3. That look of sheer desperation and helplessness the dog gives around 0:05-0:08 breaks my heart. No living thing should deserve to be pushed to the limit of desperation such as this. But we live in a mad world.. poor soul. 

  4. I would like to know why they have more than one dog in a kennel. Even the friendliest dogs may attack one another due to stressful conditions and if it is where they ran out of food… no, no more than one dog to a kennel. Much too stressful being in a pound or shelter.

  5. Someone call one of the news stations, stuff like this is what they are there for. If the police and other authorities won’t take care of the problem then expose them for what they really are. What better way to do that than to put it on public television that everyone watches?

  6. Personally, I believe anyone involved with this animal control facility, to include all town officials that are not firing this maniac, should be serving many years in prison for these abuses. I did not read the comments below so much because it seems to have gotten into a rant about "breeds" of dogs. How stupid! This has nothing to do with breeds of dogs. This has to do with a maniac who is in charge of living beings that feel pain and deserve a good life, not a life of pain and death. If they don’t want to put these people in prison, they should put them in these kennel runs for several years with no heating and AC and no food. As they die off, the ones who are left can eat the other city officials to live. And that is too f’g good for these pieces of pure slime! If there’s anyone that can look at this and think that this is just and fair treatment for any animals for any reason, you are a complete POS!

  7. I get so sick of ignorant people. Notice how this pit bull is is eating a dog and attacking me? I got news for you if I was hungry I’d eat you. It’s called survival. Do you want to see all my pictures of all my foster pit bulls "eating" me? How about the pits I work with during the week? 
    It’s a shame some people are just so uneducated and ignorant…very sad. The poor thing is trying to eat but because its a pit blah blah blah. Some of the people that post are as mentally ill as this guy in charge of these animals.

  8. Hey, bud. A user on liveleak embedded your Idabel Dog pound video. I have lived and went to high school in Wright City and my Grandmother lived in Valliant. You might even know some buddies of mine…  Anyhow, can that user download your video and post it for consideration of being featured on the front page of It’s practically impossible to get a feature with a youtube embed, but we’re trying to and it isn’t unheard of. I want these bastards exposed to a million people and feel the wrath of the internet! We practically destroyed F&R Auto a few days ago about the pizza guy not getting any tips (10,000+ comments!). You’re doing great work, buddy. Keep it up!

  9. People this has nothing to do with dog breeds. The issue here is FUCK NUT is not doing his job. People have eaten people when hungry enough and we expect better from a dog?

  10. PS. most pounds have separate kennels, it looks like these are all put together and left, no surprise that this irresponsibility will bring many problems ….so horrific !!

  11. A couple of questions: 1. Is this Idabel’s animal shelter? 2. If there were so many starving why was there only one dog shown "starving enough to eat another dog"? 3. Dogs that are starving show some indention above the eyes near the ears and they have rough coats.  Why does this dog have such a smooth, shiny coat? 4. Are we sure that someone that has a beef with the shelter has not staged this? 
    Before I believe that this is true, I want to see more evidence.

  12. Maybe someone stated this. I don’t know. But could this dead dog have been put in, as a set up so this guy would be discovered? Not that this worked anyway.  And what is with the coverup there? Am I missing something?

  13. Well, looks like I’m heading to Idabel tomorrow. It is illegal and they cannot stop me from collecting info and putting a stop to this
    it will not stand.
    I guarantee if it looks like that tomorrow it won’t after tomorrow.

  14. If you want a change, I suggest calling the city hall and demand a change for this. Just look up city hall’s number. I’m sure if enough people through the internet pitch in and once they realize it’s gaining attention they’ll have to do something?

  15. Lion eats another Lion nobody bats their eyes
    Dog eats another dog everybody loses their minds!

    Though yes this seems a bit messed up consodering the shelter ran out of dog food. But an animal’s got to survive. Atleast its better than the dogs end up forcing down eachother’s feces and whatnot.

  16. @julia bryer I said nothing that was not evident by reading your first comment. You are the one who doesn’t have any business commenting bc you’re the one who is on here for negative reasons. I, however, want to help, which is much more productive.​ First of all, I’m not acquainted with the other commentors so all i can say is i do not think it is right for them to curse at you just bc of a comment. If they had gracefully stated their arguments i would have actually read them. Secondly, I actually don’t go to church. You know nothing about me, but if you do care about God’s creatures then you shouldn’t comment negatively on a video that is trying to save their lives. What if someone did that to you bc they had a bad experience with your family once? I did my research before commenting. I am a reporter and have inside information so I am someone who actually knows the reality of that place and the abuse and neglect those poor, scared, hungry, and aching creatures put up with. Richards’ wife herself told the McCurtain County Gazette that they would rather be helping people and don’t care as much for animals. My question is why does he not step down and let someone who has a passion for these animals to step in. The "veterinarians" that supposedly humanely euthanize these dogs refuse to talk to anyone. Not normal, trust me.
    I’m saying that you were being a hypocrite for judging the dogs that harshly. You yourself admit that God should be the judge so why did you not leave it to him? I have faith that he will help those of us who care to find justice so don’t you think your first comment was quite harsh in hindsight?
    I would do anything for my dogs. They are my babies and I will protect any innocent, living creature, which dogs definitely are. I guarantee you dogs have brought more hearts to the Lord’s kingdom than you or any one person could ever hope to in one lifetime.
    Just please remember: when you negatively accuse our best friends, our family; in some cases the only beings who we can truly trust wholeheartedly, you take us all on, not just the dogs. Anyone who abuses or accuses these innocent, beautiful creatures will get what is coming to them. I don’t know you, but if you had just said you’re sorry and that you didn’t understand what these dogs mean to us it would go a long way in my book. Not that it matters, but I’m just saying. Admitting you have made a mistake and didn’t mean to be hurtful is a mature and respectable thing to do. We are insanely protective of our babies and just like we don’t know your life, you don’t know ours or how our lives have been affected by this breed of dog that you have cast a blanket over and deemed unworthy of life or compassion.
    And also don’t hold grudges on this who were mean. It is hard not to lash out when someone is dissing your best friend. Try to understand. The anger is at your statement, not at you.

  17. City hall isn’t doing anything. The police don’t care. Please sign the petition someone will help! Everything that can be done is being done but we need peoples support to show that this needs to end. This has been going on for years.

  18. Has anyone actually called someone like THE ASPCA? this is cruelty to the nth degree and I don’t believe that it’s just ‘someone not doing their job’. Jesus OK people, get this taken care of and REPORT IT! CALL PETA! GDAMMIT!

  19. As someone who lives/works with animals in Oklahoma and has heard news and phone calls and seen multiple pieces of evidence; I can say that this is not a story of pit bulls being aggressive, and you are quite a person to actually say that. This "pound" ran out of dog food around the holidays. This was the direct result of incompetent people doing ridiculous things. 

  20. Only starvation would lead to a dog eating her puppy. Likely puppy sick or also starved or succumbed to elements. All that said…obviously no one even checked on them cause that puppy was well gutted. Sad sad sad sad and did I say sad.

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