I'm Launching a Car Auction Website!

I'm Launching a Car Auction Website!


I’m launching a car auction website, Cars & Bids. We’re going to be the ultimate online marketplace for modern enthusiast cars — anything from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and now. Check out Cars & Bids and buy the car you’ve always wanted, or sell something you’re ready to replace!



  1. It’s amazing how mcuh Doug has grown. I started watchind Doug when he had 130k subscribers and he now has a Ford GT and his own company.

  2. I’d winning bid on the AMG just to meet Doug from 2 metres away – that’s because of (the restraining order.) Not because of social distancing.

  3. Hey Doug would it be possible to make the same website but such for different contries like German or the uk or many other pls would be cool.


  5. Suggestion for your website…… have a tab for cars wanted! Allows users to come together to discuss the cars they are looking for. This could result in people helping others find their vehicle or someone with that vehicle could see that there is a potential buyer

    Very clean and fast website. congrats and best of luck

  6. THIS will never work. Because eBay, BAT, and others. 4.5% commission, are you serious? THIS is not Barrett Jackson. The whole reason BJ can command high buyer fees is because of the experience, television coverage, the excitement in the room that comes from the bidding experience. THIS does not have that. Your biggest competition is eBay, which does not not charge any commission on vehicles on either end. THIS will never work. Stick to what you do best, THIS.

  7. I submitted my car on Thursday night, still waiting for confirmation if my listing is accepted. I thought you said it won’t take days…

  8. Browsing the website and looking at the cars and Dougs comment is a nice bathroom activity. Even when you’re not looking for a used car yourself.

  9. Not a bad idea but it’s a problem for people that want a mechanic to check the car out before they buy it.

  10. Sounds like a bad place to buy cars, considering it’s AUCTION and ONLINE. Which is not something you want when buying a car

  11. Doug the type of guy to create a whole new website to display the quirks and features of his new Kia!…. Really Doug?

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