Is Expensive Pet Food Better? – Ask A Vet

Is Expensive Pet Food Better? – Ask A Vet

Are expensive foods better for my pet and how do I choose the right foods for my pet?
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Just because a dog or cat food is more expensive does not mean it is better for you pet. In this video find out how to know which pet food is best for your pet and why.

Special thanks to the Animal Medical Center of Southern California.

Host: Courtney Campbell, DVM

Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee
Assistant: Alison Womby
Editor: Shawn McPherson


  1. Science diet just had a recall with more to come, acvording to an attorney. Many dogs have died..vitamin d overdosed

  2. I heard it many times, and will apply it here, "food is medicine". Give your cat or dog junk, and your animal could have many health issues. Give your animal quality food, and you will have a much healthier pet. The food doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, just quality. Think of this way, if you can eat the same food you give your pet(s), then its probably worth it.

  3. Hopefully you have a video about ingredients that should not be in your pet’s food or at least the first second or third ingredient like corn I see a lot of people buying pet food in the first ingredient is corn corn is not good for cats or dogs and unfortunately people will go with the cheapest food which is usually crappiest pun intended want proof look in your yard and or at the litter box

  4. Update after over a week researching

    People are lazy, busy, and neglect their animals, all pet diets from hippy skippys book on vegan for dogs, to the Sinister Corporation of Purina know this, and Market owners a way to relieve their guilt.
    Go walk your dog 4 miles, to McDonald’s, and buy you both a hamburger……IT’S THE JAY’S DOG DIET……IT’S TAKING THE WEST COAST BY STORM, and you’ll both feel better.

  5. You’re wrong. The cheap junk like Purina, Old Roy and Pedigree contains gluten, wheat meal , soybean meal and meat by products. Those products will harm your dog. You should be looking for a dog food is grain free and don’t contain meat by products.

  6. Good evenig Doc.
    Need your opinion
    Can i start giving smart heart food to my 4 months old male lebra dog. Can i switch it from royal canin and start giving this food. Iam bit confused whether to use it or not . Requesting you to please advise the same. Thanks

  7. Unless this guy specializes in animal nutrition. Don’t take food advice from him. In vet school they only get 1 semester of animal nutrition. Not to mention the fact that a lot of schools get money from pet food companies lmao!

  8. How about the most important deference between a cheap dog food and the more expensive dog food. That is the amount of clean up that is required when feeding the cheap dog food. The cheap food runs through the dogs like water!

  9. My 1 year old kitty is very active and slim. She’s on the hill’s science diet 1/2 cup a day divided up into two feedings per day. I haven’t taken her to a vet yet because I adopted her from a shelter and Shes been fully examined spayed shots before she left.

  10. JUST USE EVERMORE pet food. Fresh organic chemical(pesticide) free grassfed. Kibble is dead food. Any non organic dog food, or organic food with synthetic vitamins and minerals is automatically shit quality especially if it’s kibble.

  11. Let’s look at reality for a minute when your dogs fodd is mainly comprised of synthetic vitamins and minerals to make up for all the nutritional deficits in the main source of protein in the food. your feeding your dog a science experiment. Less ingredients equals better food equals healthier dogs with reduced risk of cancers and other health issues.

  12. AAFCO doesn’t mean anything. His endorsement of AAFCO makes his opinion worthless. Do some research. AAFCO is run by representatives of the pet food industry. Therefore they set their own standards. That’s like the creator of this video rating it 5 starts because he is part of a review team.

  13. I just lost my not quite 6 yr old Yorkie to cancer. Raised unfortunately on Science Death…I mean Diet. Adult Light Small Bites to be exact. Wish I’d known then what I have since learned about all the terrible dog food out there.


  14. I believe this vet is right. We have been fooled by "Dr. Google". Please, listen to the real vets, they really care about pets. Take into account, that there is a lot of marketing for the "holistic" pet foods out there, but many of those types of food, even though they may have human grade ingredients, they are incorrectly balanced, unlike those scientifically proved by feeding trials. Another thing to consider is that animals don’t have the same requirements than humans, so please don’t let the term "human grade" fool you. I used to give my cats the grain free premium holistic most expensive foods I could find, but I lost a cat due to urinary track obstruction (due to the food most likely). Now I give them Iams, Purina Pro-Plan and Hill’s and they are doing great. Also no more vomiting. When I gave them Instinct, Wellness, Orijen, Fussie, Merrick, Solid Gold and foods like that, they always vomit once in a while, sometimes several times during the week, but I never realized that the food could cause the problems, since I thought I was giving them the best food there was. But I learned my lesson, and now I know that I should really trust the vets, who really know what is best for our loving animal companions. Since I have done that, my kitties are doing a lot better.

  15. If you want the absolute best go raw . kibble is unnatural causes dental problems & other complications because of fillers

  16. Didn’t answer nothing. You should record a better video with more information. It doesn’t guide you to what food you should buy.

  17. Ok so can anyone provide proof that the aafco is bull, I don’t want your opinion, I have one of my own……give me verifiable facts

  18. True, the best way to gauge the effectiveness of the diet we are rearing our dogs on is our pets’ overall fitness, not how costly a given food brand is. But let’s also remember that there’s a variety of brands in the market because our dogs will have different intolerances, allergies, and sensitivities to certain food. We also cannot make blanket statements about grain-free vs. grain-inclusive food, in light of a controversial report issued by the FDA recently which is fast turning out to be just a misinformation campaign led by big-name pet food manufactures to discredit certain brands. I hope you can make an update video of your stand on this, guys. More power!

  19. Hill’s was recalled for vitamin D overdoses because they use SYNTHETIC vitamins buy dog/cat food WITHOUT SYTHENTIC VITAMINS they aren’t good for animals or humans and just a little bit over the amount they put in a batch can kill your pet.

    Oh and by the way their is only 3 company’s who don’t use synthetic vitamins and they aren’t the ones you buy at your pet store so let that soak in 99% of kibble is trash.

  20. I trust NAto & Eroupeiean Union why most of those countries are 5 to 20k years old. USA only few hundred and run by billionars and millionars and made up organizations.

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