Is the Party Over for TikTok Star Bryce Hall?

Is the Party Over for TikTok Star Bryce Hall?

The party may be over for TikTok star Bryce Hall. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti ordered the power to be turned off at the Hollywood Hills residence where Hall lives. The shutdown came after reports of numerous large parties at the home. Garcetti released a statement that said, in part, “Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders.”


  1. If you think about it this shows that the government has the power to take away peoples basic needs of power and water

  2. This is the problem with some of these YouTubers and TikTokers. They all think that they’re God and they can do whatever they want. They need a reality check.

  3. why did tik tokers become rich without having to work hard? and they had those parties in the clout house it already had a legacy this is why i hate tik tok

  4. How is TikTok and "star" even mentioned in the same sentence. Anyone can be a celebrity, "influencer" or star nowadays. No talent or skills needed.

  5. A TikTok star. They come and go so fast and end up with millions in dept and it doesn’t usually end well for them. He’ll learn the herd way…

  6. All this kids better do something good for community, instead of partying drinking, snoring coke, this is bad example for adults their age thats why porn site like tiktok should banned forever

  7. Some people before the pandemic: *doesnt even do 1 single party

    Some people during the pandemic: OOH ALL OF A SUDDEN I WANNA PARTY

  8. Good they have no talent at all except grabbing there hahas on camera in dances yah pretty sure you shouldn’t be doing that in front of 14 year old girls and plus every one who has talent has no followers like the pepole who do art on that game and no one actually sings on that app

  9. 0:2 you can still hear all the swearing in the background from the music video lmao YouTube do something about this

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