It's Surprisingly Easy To Qualify For A Therapy Pet (HBO)

It's Surprisingly Easy To Qualify For A Therapy Pet (HBO)

Therapy pets are easily mistaken for regular pets, but there’s one key difference: Therapy pets are permitted to travel on planes with their owners, for free.

All it takes is a doctor’s note confirming you have an emotional disorder, which can be obtained online or over the phone, and your pet qualifies for a lifetime registration. Since 2011, the number of people signing up for the right to fly with therapy animals has quadrupled, the National Service Animal Registry reports. Studies show therapy animals can reduce stress, but it’s not clear how many registered owners are truly in need.

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  1. Therapy animals do not work for one person ever, they only work for many people in hospitals, schools and nursing homes. You have NO idea what a therapy animal is. There is NO such thing as certification or registration. Therapy animals have NO public access rights. None of these animals are therapy animals.

  2. So you are saying I can bring my little terrorist of a doogo with me anywhere for 300 or less dollars? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. For this example all you have to do is go online, pay your money and print a cert. However that is not certification in a true sense, its an excuse to take your animal everywhere without regard to others and for free, and doesnt have to be recognized by anyone FYI without the official gov’t certifications.
    A true assistance / service animal has gov’t certification and papers and wears a vest with a pocket containing those papers.
    Bunch of whiny bullshit.
    "Therapy dogs are not trained to assist specific individuals and do not qualify as service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Institutions may invite, limit, or prohibit access by therapy dogs." "
    These animals do not have the same legal status as assistance/service animals and are not mentioned in the ADA."
    "In the U.S., therapy dogs are not service animals and are not afforded the same privileges as them."

  4. My dog is a therapy pet. I got her registered because when I travel it’s a lot easier to take her with me. I have PTSD from my time in the military. I try not to judge other people with therapy pets but MANY of them are just abusing the system.

  5. Wait, what? Are these International flights? Or domestic within the US (or just California?) I’m quite a frequent flyer and I have NEVER seen an animal at an airport apart from sniffer-dogs (or perhaps pets in pet-boxes to be checked as baggage).

  6. So what happens when someone brings an animal onto a plane that someone else might be allergic to? Who has to take the different flight? That could be a potential life threatening situation if someone’s immune system is wacked-out enough and they aren’t warned beforehand.

  7. Has our country lost its mind… The world is literally laughing at us candy asses… Therapy dogs and yes people will abuse the permission to turn any pet into a therapy pet. You cry babies are destroying whats left of this country.. How can you guys even show your face in public.. Its disgusting… If you get a luke warm latte you need to go see a therapist you are so weak minded individuals. Then we have Vice fueling this stuff why? to sedate and bring you guys under control of the leftist elites. You guys are brainless weak individuals taking the easy road. I am ashamed of my country for the first time.

  8. I saw a lady in universal studio with her five service dogs all poodles two full-size three miniature . The two full-size we’re pushing the miniatures in strollers ,it was adorable.

  9. aside from annoying the shit out of non-pet people did anyone ever consider how absolutely stressful travel is on these poor animals? I’ve got rabbits and cats and I would NEVER make any of my animals endure travel aside from a needed vet visit!
    Fucking selfish assholes!

  10. Pigs need more protection. let our bacon roam free before they die for our food. Say NO to Smithfield and cheap pork! Only buy organic and free range pork products.

    I normally hate on false "green" idiots, but the industrial food industry seriously tortures pigs for no reason. It is sickening and unAmerican. Refuse to buy the fruits of their torture.

  11. Wow bunch of lonely retards abusing a good system for their insecurities and abusing their animals by treating them like children they always secretely wished to have. Disgusting fucks

  12. Girl at work has this obnoxious Pomeranian she brings in once in a while she says it’s a therapy dog but holy shit it does the opposite of relive stress

  13. Where’s my therapy hooker? it’s shown to severely reduce stress levels for men when they get laid.

  14. I’m an animal lover but this is utterly ridiculous I’m glad Vice is making the public aware of this nonsense. I hope airlines are catching on and don’t allow these pets to travel for free.

  15. They are EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS not therapy pets. I breed and train real therapy dogs to take to hospitals/assisted living facilities, and its at least a year of hard work to have my animals certified. The certification proves that they will not bite anyone, defecate/urinate anywhere, eat anything, and just generally follow every command I give. I hate that these people are giving the therapy animal community a bad name with their usually ill trained loophole animals. Those with real emotional support animals who are well trained are going to have their rights taken away because of this.

  16. When pigs fly… More and more vice mini docs make me feel like I need therapy after watching them, and this also raised another question to me!! How many of these animals would make for good spirit cooking beverages for vice’s favourite satanic witch marina abramovic ?

  17. There are some misunderstandings here… First of all, there are therapy animals and emotional support animals. Therapy (or support) animals are the most common, and they can fulfill for many needs: help to guide the blind or deaf owner, alert for seizures etc. The emotional support animals calm their owners, stand by them if they have an episode or panic attack, wake them up when they have nightmares, walk a little behind the owner so no one can spook he/she and accidentally make them panic (think about people suffering PTSD or other mental disorders). The point is that these animal are highly trained thus very expensive. There are some other trained (at least on a lower level) animals which visit hospitals or schools. You can pet them interact with them, play too, all for you being less stressed. The point is that they are trained to do their job and behave accordingly.

    Your regular pet (dog, pig, bunny or anything) can not be a proper emotional support animal without training. And if you register your pet to be one, you basically commit a fraud which somehow is not against the law here in the U.S. But it is still a fraud.

    There are reasons why pets can not come with us to certain places, airplane cabin, doctors office etc. A not properly trained animal is a potential danger to other people and actual support animals (mainly dogs). Therapy dogs are trained to remain calm all the time and work for their owner. So if there is a pet, which does not behave properly, it could disturb the therapy dog, maybe even attack it too. Remember a true therapy dog will not respond to this with aggression, because it is trained to not do so!! Your pet is damaging someone’s alert system/wheelchair/cane/hearing aid!!! (This is also the reason why you NEVER pet or talk to a therapy dog unless you asked the owner for permission!! The dog is working in that moment and if you distract it, you put the owner into danger. I know cases where distracted dog failed to alert for an epileptic seizure. The owner felt and got injured. If the dog alerts, she would have time to lay down safely, ask someone to help too, or take medication if she has it.)

    This is the reason why it is utterly disgusting that people register these animals so they can parade with them on airports/stores/restaurants, and save some money! They give a bad name to actual hard working therapy and emotional support animals which are there to make their owner’s life better, easier and safer.

  18. This is a great example of a well intentioned provision gone unchecked. While there may be certain conditions and standards regarding the wellness of the individual with the animal, there is minimal consideration on the training of the therapy animal . Most do not receive any additional training for them to avoid being disruptive to the environment and surroundings. Therapy dogs (and other animals) bark, jump, or act out just as any pet would because there is a huge lack of accountability when it comes to animal behavior training.

  19. I need a therapy giraffe, and I need the government to pay for it. Also my therapy giraffe needs a sex change.

  20. I’m disgusted at the people who take advantage of this just because they can’t bare to leave their pet at home or by themselves.

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