January 7, 2020 Service Animals in the Library

January 7, 2020 Service Animals in the Library

Get the facts about service animals from a service dog handler and her dog who both work in a public library. Myths, scams, and conflicts surrounding service animals are on the rise. It is important for managers, public services staff, and patrons to know the distinctions between service, companion, and therapy animals, and why the difference can matter.

About the Presenter: Kodi Miller is a Library Assistant II at the Boca Raton Public Library, and an Accessibility Consultant. Alongside her service animal, Piper, she loves to share her passion and knowledge about accessibility, invisible disabilities, and promoting education about service animals and the role they play in our society. She is involved in various aspects of the community, presenting for local Park Rangers and Community Centers across the city. After presenting at the Florida Library Association Conference, Kodi has been working with libraries across Florida to help spread the word on how easy accessibility can be to fit your library’s needs.

Presenter: Kodi Miller
American Sign Language Interpreter: Deb McClain
Host & Producer: LeAnn Beckwith, MLIS

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