Joe Biden Says The Current President's Influence Over Republicans Will Fade After He Leaves Office

Joe Biden Says The Current President's Influence Over Republicans Will Fade After He Leaves Office

President-elect Joe Biden doesn’t blame Republicans who have been slow to congratulate his win and believes, once he is inaugurated, the current president’s hold over the GOP will become less of a barrier to cooperation and working across the aisle. Stick around for the rest of the interview as Dr. Jill Biden joins her husband to talk to Stephen! #Colbert #PresidentElectBiden #JoeBiden

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  2. His son is on boards of directors with zero experience, he’s getting 1.5 billion from chinese investors and wire transfers from Russia but somehow Biden us the victim???

  3. I blame every "real" Biden voter voter for this circus. Just like They will be responsible for the murdering of innocent brown children with Biden’s bombs of war if he is installed as president. You are all brainwashed tools. Nobody should except a vaccine from a government that can not hold legitimate elections. Remember the Tuskegee studies.

  4. Ironic that the walking corpse himself is talking about people fading while we are watching his brain and body disintegrate into dust

  5. This is who Biden is sincere, humble and straightforward, if anyone is surprised you haven’t been paying attention. He will be an amazing President, people seem to underestimate this man, and he continues to prove people wrong.

  6. Joe biden yeah go antifa let’s open borders dismantle US take racist tariffs down ,make China great again yeah! Go CCP make change

  7. Georgia youth we need you to show up and #VoteEarlyGA in the senate runoff. You are the future, please reach out to all of your friends & family to go vote.Request an #AbsenteeBallot for the January 5th, 2021 run off … this is the Georgia’s Election commission’s website.

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  9. Biden got 15 million more votes than obama. It’s clear now that NOBODY was there for obama….the people in the giant crowds were obviously there for Biden. Joe had to drag obama over the finish line. Joe couldn’t fill a park bench but got MILLIONS more votes than obama. HAHA….YEAH RIGHT.

  10. C’mon guys sing it with me Joe’s christmas song special:
    We wish you a socialism,
    We wish you a socialism,
    We wish you a socialism,
    And a communist year.

  11. Almost feel sorry for Stephen Colbert…by next month he’s going to lose over half his material by not having Trump, he’s not going to have too much to talk about on his show because he’s too much of a coward to make fun of any of Biden’s screw ups but I guess he and the rest of the late night shows are just going to go back to sucking up to the "President"..not very original material.

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