Jokic Drops 23 PTS, 18 REB & 11 AST!

Jokic Drops 23 PTS, 18 REB & 11 AST!

Nikola Jokic records HUGE triple-double with 23 PTS, 18 REB & 11 AST to lead the Nuggets to a 133-118 win over the Raptors.

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  1. 1st team all-NBA easy. The irony is that somebody so physically awkward might have the most aesthetically pleasing game to watch in the league.

  2. Bukvalno im radi sta hoce !
    He does whatever he wants , no one can guard him !

  3. Jamal is starting to go on my nerves, since he came back from injury he’s becoming selfish player and that have to stop. Every time after the pick and roll with Jokic he’s looking for his shots instead of giving the ball back way faster , that second to late screw Jokic and the whole team so many times. Game against Clippers show me that we can’t win with Jamal Murray . When you’re undersized you have to be faster and if you’re not, it’s obvious. Shame for all that talent,but Nuggets are just another great team to watch but no nba title unless they change back court

  4. The raptors’s small ball is inefficient against jokic and the nuggets
    That explains the domination of denver in this game

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