Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

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This video was created using Deepfake technology. If the double-360-neck-snap didn’t give it away: THIS ENTIRE PIECE WAS STAGED. If you’d like to see how we made it, check out the CORRIDOR CREW ►

Reuben Langdon as Keanu
Brett Driver as Robber
Sam Gorski as Fan
Niko Pueringer as Friend With Phone
Christian Fergerstrom as Store Clerk
Matthew Cairns as Cop


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  1. the scene was great and all. but the lighting ruined it, you could easily notice in a few frames that the contrast in his face is different from the other figures, it’s a mistake more seen in Green screen youtube videos where the colors just dont match up. In this scene the second he’s shown we can notice that the shade of his face is much brighter than the actual scene itself, it looks like hes in a lit up studio while everyone else is in the store has just natural light. now by changing the shade of the face just a bit to a darker tone it wouldve made for a much more convincing look. The voice would need to be put through filtering but other than that, once the visuals are fixed the scene would just sell itself

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