1. remember "emotional support animal" are not the same as, "service animals" that by federal law are allowed on all flights and can not be restricted by an airline policy.

  2. I was laughing almost as much as Kelly was about this..my cat is an Emotional Support Animal so I understand the need for them..but there are people who take advantage of stuff like this and then it makes it difficult on those of us who truly need our ESA’s..WTH is a matter with some people?Those idiots make it harder on people like me who have legitimate need for an ESA..it’s funny in a way but in another way it’s not funny..but I’m with Kelly on this one,it is so ridiculous that Jet Blue had to specify no animals with tusks THAT was amusing 🙂

  3. I didn’t even know there was such thing as emotional support animals until I went to a bar after years of not going into one, and the people had these little emotional Dogs with them all around !!

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