1. Perkz dad passed away and i feel really sorry for him . He is propably bereaved and as we know he is the captain of G2 team . When your leader is trouble rest of the team have bad mood .I hope our UMA JAN will rise and make G2 at the top again .

  2. not only is MAD lions really good, they’re also just very humble and funny people. Haven’t been this big a fan of an LEC team since UOL left

  3. 1:22 Actually, beacuse of the braum ult(1:05) bwipos basic attack didnt go out. That was the missing 65 hp.

  4. I honestly feel bad for G2 like granted they show clips of them losing but they actually just sound so deflated even in pregame, it hurts to see them like this :c

  5. Back then people said the EU LCS had no personality and that’s why the NA LCS is more popular. Well look at it now 😀 !

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