King Corbin barges in on Matt Riddle’s interview: SmackDown, July 3, 2020

King Corbin barges in on Matt Riddle’s interview: SmackDown, July 3, 2020

As The Original Bro formally introduces himself to the blue brand, King Corbin interrupts with plans of making the newcomer regret his move to Friday Night SmackDown. #SmackDown
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  1. When you hate someone as a heel, that’s when you know they’re doing a good job. This is how I feel about Corbin.

  2. Am I the only one who just don’t feel anything from Corbin? He don’t do anything for me. He just gives me cringy vibes…

  3. Corbin is probably the best superstar Ive ever seen
    He is a heel and he is getting that heel treatment by the fans instead of cheers

  4. So if this guy becomes wwe champion and goes out to represent the company (autographs, make a wish, news channel appearances and etc)
    He’s gonna do so in flip flops? Doesn’t seem likely

  5. Bruh when can we stop calling this guy the king of the ring it was months ago if anything he’s the queen

  6. We Want Riddle Vs Corbin Vs Style Vs Brayn For Ict Title Match With Special Guest Refree Gulak At Extreme Rules

  7. Riddle was infinitely more intimidating with the short hair… Dude has probably the most vicious knockout in TUF history…

  8. Matt Riddle fights barefoot because that’s how you fight when you do it for real in the octagon.
    All you silly fake fight fans should go and watch Matt break Dan Simmlers jaw on The Ultimate Fighter.
    One of the sickest knockouts you’ll ever see.

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