Ladies watches are available in various brands

Ladies watches
are trendy and beautiful. They are available in various colors like pink,
yellow, blue, black, and purple and white. The straps are also made of
different materials like leather, gold, silver etc. If you want to spend some
more, you can also buy a custom made watch which has diamonds studded in it.
There are many designs in the women’s watches. 
Ladies watches are available
in varieties.

Men’s watches are
totally different form women’s watches. Usually they have bigger dials than
women’s watches and their strap is also wider. Some of the brands that sell
men’s watches are- Casio, E spirit, Maxima, Skagen, Swatch, Tissot, Tommy
Hilfiger, Ultima, Timex and Xylys. Usually all the brands which manufacture
men’s watches also manufacture women’s watches. There are various features
available too in the variety of wrist watches. Some straps are made of leather
and some of Rexene.

Men’s watches
have a bigger market than women’s watches. That is because men use more
watches. Also, initially some companies used to manufacture only gents’ watches.
Only later have women found a gret market for watches. Also now a day’s many
celebrities are endorsing many brands of watches. Various international brands
are being endorsed by Indian stars and actresses. For example the brand of Tag
Heuer is endorsed by all the big celebrities of Bollywood.

Men’s watches are
available in various colors and different dials. There are also various
features like the chronograph, solar power watches, battery watches, big and
small dial watches, moon phase, and precious stones watches for special
occasions.  Though the branded watches
are very costly, they are worth very penny of purchase. They usually last
longer than non branded ones and are water proof. And some sites also give these
branded watches at a discounted price. Some watches are available as pair
watches too. Some have offers on them. The latest rend today is going back in
timePsychology Articles, literally. Many manufacturers today are manufacturing watches which
belonged to the older times. And people love the designs.


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