1. i have an issue with my landlord as per my property manager, and assistant property manager about my ESA, my question to you is: do i have to carry my small animal (dog) within the building, or can i keep him on the floor, cause on their rules says i have to carry or put my pet in a carriage, but hes not a pet` therefore he should not apply to their rules, please let me know, its very important to me, thanx in advance, God bless

  2. little dogs piss and shit everywhere and chew everything. and they bite more people than any large breed. denying people a home because of their large dog is absolutely ridiculous and ignorant.

  3. Anyone know what POS politician wrote this bill ?…..amzing people doing this EAS scam have so much power ! Want pets ? Buy a house losers !

  4. If you live in a apartment that allows 2 animals and someone you live with has 2 already can you have a ESP? I live in az

  5. FYI : some of your information dealing with service animals is incorrect. Service animals I know in the state of Utah according to the ADA have no certification whatsoever required just training this can be done by a trainer that does service animals or you can train your own. I know this because I have been helping my daughter train her on service dog. Because she has multiple health disabilities and when you purchase a trained service dog they only train for one disability and those dogs cost thousands of dollars. Dogs being trained for service animals are in training for the entire time they are with you. And just like people they have off days and bad days as well.

  6. People like me that have pet allergies are not people that are catorgized as people with a disability. People like me are screwed when it comes to pets allowed in their rentals. Why only create housing for people that have service animals and emotional support animals.For years now people like me are told to suck it up even though we have a clear disability . It’s time housing was created for people like me and their are plenty of us. I have stopped breathing, suffered migraines , sneezing , coughing , wheezing, shortness of breath because of allergies …. why is there not housing for us . Relocate … there is no place for people like me to relocate because there is no such thing as the no pets allowed on the premises for people like me. There needs to be entire apartment complexes for people like me. My GOD they do it for every one else but us. I have a chronic liver disease and live with a low immune system …. but an all free pet no pets allowed in any apartment in the apartment or on the premisses is fought against in this country even though plenty of people like me need pet free zones in on the premsis I love animals but they make y body I’ll. Why not create medical housing units for people like me and many others like me that have basically become invisible in today’s low income housing units. It’s not discrimination against any one at all to build medical units for people like me. New laws need to be created for people like me. My disability isn’t any less important than that person that needs a service animal. When my doctor tells me to get an apartment in a no pets allowed apartment complex I tell her they don’t exist and she says … this has got to change,…. but will it ever change for people like me. It’s not likely because some animal advocates will just say that I hate animists. I love animals and have longed to have a dog but my allergies won’t let me have one . Stop discriminating against people like me who need an apartment with a no pets allowed in any unit or on the premises. Either that or provide us with an air purifier that actually works and we can stay in that unit forever . I asked my doctor why my friends horses don’t make me sick and she said when did you ever see a horse eat its own shit or it’s own barf like a cat or dog does. I am not putting down cats or dogs that do this but because horses don’t do it they are not carriers of things that can make me sick. Also it’s a huge lie that a dogs mouth is clean and a cats mouth is Clean so let them lick you all they want to. I asked a vet and she said that is such a lie. Also horses don’t drink from toilets like a dog or cat will. When the neighbors dog licked my leg while I was on a walk I had a ring worm there the next next day. Not blaming the dog he didn’t do any thing wrong he was just doing what dogs do… but my immune system won’t tolerate what dogs do naturally. I wish it did because love both dogs and cats …. but my immune system doesn’t like them. Well ring worms spread on your body, first one , then two and to say the least I had to deal with many of them because of one dog lick on my leg. God bless that dog he was just saying I really like you and want to be friends. I wish I could . Well any way hundreds of people just like me need a medical low income unit where pets are not allowed in or on the premises is…. it’s not to much to ask for ….. BUT ALAS PEOPLE LIKE ME AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS JUST LIKE ME ARE INVISIBLE. IN THE FAIR HOUSING ACT FOR PEOPLE WITH MY KIND OF DISABILITY. LANDLORDS HAVE BEEN FORBIDDEN TO CREATE THE NO PETS ALLOWED IN THE UNIT OR ON THE PROPERTY IF ITS LOW INCOME HOUSING IF ITS FOR PROPLE LIKE ME. THAT PERSON THAT NEEDS A SEVICE DOG OR AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL TAKES TOP PRIORITY OVER HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME AND JUST WHY SHOULD IT BE THAT WAY. JUST WHY IS LOW INCOME HOUSING UNWILLING TO ACCOMODATE PEOPLE LIKE ME AND LET LOW NCOME . WE AND HUNDREDS LIKE ME ARE INVISIBLE . I DONT CARE IF I HAVE TO LEAVE A DINER BECAUSE OF PET ALLERGIES TO LET THAT PERSON THAT NEEDS THAT SERVICE DOG. I LEAVE WITH OUT AN ATTITUDE. I REJOICE THAT A PERSON THAT NEEDS THAT SEVICE ANIMAL GETS TO DINE OUT. I JUST ORDER MY MEAL TO GO AND WAIT IN MY CAR AND ITS ALL GOOD….. BUT MY HOME SHOULD BE DIFFERENT TO ACOMLDATE MY MEDICAL NEEDS THAT ARE JUST AS VALID AS PEOPLE THAT NEED A SERVICE DOG OR AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL. THOUSANDS ALL OVER AMERICA LIVE WITH CLEAR MEDICAL CHALLENGES BECAUSE WE HAVE TO SHARE SPACE WITH DOGS AD CATS AND BORDS AND RABBITS….. WE NEED APARTMENTS WITH A NO PETS ALLOWED POLOCY IN ORDER FOR OUR QUALIY OF LIFE TO IMPROVE .


  7. It would help if it worked.. but regardless, service dogs are not required to wear any gear and the only way to truely identify a service animal is via a doctors recommendation that is required by housing. I live in CO and there are very loose laws regarding what identifies a service animal. I do like you getting the word out there though. It means alot that someone is willing to take that extra step.

  8. So what happens in the case where a tenet moves in with an aggressive ESA. Ie, lunging growling at other residents? Causing other tents to feel unsafe. I’m in NV.

  9. So if I’m looking for an apartment and doesn’t accept animals can they deny me because I have a ESA? And what do I need to provide to the lanlord besides vaccination proof?

  10. Other than the comment about service animals having certification (there is no official certification, but there are a ton of scam sites that will sell "certification" with no verification at all, so anyone who offers "certification" is likely a fake), this is a fairly well done presentation. Thank you.

  11. I have one rental house , I also have a real problem around dogs , cats and almost all animals . I’m highly allergic to animal dander just the smell of animals makes it hard for me to breath , makes my eyes water, makes my skin breakout in a rash and I get a sever sinus headache . So I don’t allow pets . What should I do ?

  12. Can someone help me. We had an ESA cat (fully vaccinated) for about 3 weeks. She charged us $400.00 pet deposit, made us lock her in cage while we were out of the house. 3 weeks after we brought her home she had 3 kittens (we didn’t know and were scheduled to get her spayed in a week) we told our landlord as soon as we realized what was happening. They told us to get out within 24 hrs. This was the 1st of this month (November) and they are telling us we’re still own them December rents. Can I fight any of this?

  13. I had a verbal no pets agreement when my tenant signed the application. A few months after move-in, guess what? I find out the tenant moved in two dogs, claiming they are Emotional Support Animals, and saying federal law states I must accept them onto my property. And since they have been certified by a medical professional, I can’t even ask for information about these dogs — breed, weight, etc. I can’t levy a pet deposit fee, so now I gotta pay for whatever damage these dogs cause to my property. ESA madness must stop. This loophole must be closed.

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