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“Quircky Dog, Monkeys Spinnin Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Rant Alert: Kramer’s owner needs her ass beat. I’m disabled and am training my own service dog. She’s a 60lb Pitty. I rescued her 6 months ago from the local Humane Society and she’s trained better than any other dog I know. She was a bait dog on top of it. She’s done a complete 180° from when I first adopted her. People should NEVER allow their dogs to growl at them over food. Especially when there are little kids in the house. Come ON people!

  2. Great teaching skills on telling the kid not to push kramer off table as its ok hes eating your food and the kid dont eat sad ppl rather film then stop this..this kid not gonna understand all this

  3. Hunde, welche das Essen vom Tisch klauen sind nicht lustig, sondern unerzogen.
    Daß man denen hier eine lustige Plattform gibt, finde ich nicht gut.
    Besser wäre die Überschrift “ Die unerzogensten Hunde“

  4. I can’t believe people would let the dog eat their food, and even let it growl at em for saying no… I’d flip the table on it’s ass.

  5. sometimes this is why I don’t watch these she let that dog go ahead and eat and then tell the poor child what are you going to eat now that is one seriously demented dog she let that dog go ahead and eat I don’t get it

  6. Those people with the dog Kramer eating the kids dinner is more stupidity than funny! I mean who lets there dog just eat their dinner while he growls at you and not take the plate away.

  7. A dog showing food aggression is bad news around a small child you cant watch kids 24/7 they will touch the dog while its eating and get bit i see why she told the kid not to get near it but dont see why she would let that dog show aggression around her child and trust it I hope it bites her and not the poor child not knowing any better because his moms a stupid hag when it bites one day and its not if it does bite its when it bites one day!

  8. 1:15 looks dangerous. The dog is in rumble mode cause your kid is on the floor like a challenging dog. Kids get bit in the face like that. Or at least tackled cause the dog thinks it’s playtime.

  9. To the people owned by Kramer, the Dachshund…you are clueless and should never be permitted to possess any animal.

  10. 5:20 Mum say’s "Don’t" to her kid and quickly pulls his hand and arm back…at 5:25 we see why. She know’s this dog WILL bite. He is food aggressive. Dangerous. Plus he’s old and his eyes are cloudy so this will make him more aggressive. She should have removed the boy’s plate while the dog was at the other end of the table! She is too passive and the dog knows he will never be challenged. Poor dog-ownership. If this was a pitbull he would have been classified as dangerous and put down long ago. Small cute dogs are still dogs, and this behaviour needs to be addressed as soon as it shows signs. This is not funny and shouldn’t be in this video. Rant over!

  11. Why do people put annoying music with their videos! Most of these videos would be better without the music.

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  13. Stupid women at 5.50 teaching Kramer he can do what he wants. No way should you allow a dog to get away with things like that! Storing up serious trouble for themselves even with a small dog like that. They need dog ownership lessons before someone gets bit!

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