Leashboss Dog Walking Belt Review

Leashboss Dog Walking Belt Review

All dogs need to be walked at one time or another. Whether you have to walk your Fido multiple times per day or just once in a while to get in a little extra exercise, having the right gear is a must. Leashboss has created a Dog Walking Belt to help owners carry their necessities while keeping their hands free to tend their pet. Read the full review here: https://topdogtips.com/leashboss-dog-walking-belt-review/

This walking belt does not allow for hands-free walking. Essentially, it’s like a fanny pack for pet owners and dog walkers. It’s specifically designed for pet parents, with features like a poop bag dispenser.

“The belt isn’t waterproof. As I mentioned, it’s also not designed to attach a leash. Personally, I prefer a hands free dog walking belt. However, those types of dog walking aids are not appropriate for everyone.”


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