Let's Enjoy Torchlight 2 Episode 1: The vast improvements made.

Let's Enjoy Torchlight 2 Episode 1: The vast improvements made.

So, Torchlight 2.
Story time!

Turns out the Alchemist took the heart to close to heart and got evil. So he made a steampunk-tastic armour and started shooting fire onto harmless towers and houses.
Dear god. This plot. It’s amazing.

Instead of THREE, there’s FOUR classes!
Mage: Does Magic with staffs.
Warrior: Hits enemies with claws, which bypass large portions of armour, hits fast and such. Berserker esque.
Tank: Or engineer. Uses big, deadly weapons!
Shooter: Shoots with fast weapons, prefering lots of hits from a distance. Or shotgonnes.

Each class gets three setups, each with it’s own 3 passives and 7 active skills, making 30 skills for each class.
If I’m correct, each skill has 15 levels, meaning 450 skill points to max everything. If you wanna.
Active skills have tiers, too! Every 5 levels, it gets a neat, helpful bonus! Great to shake things up a bit.

Main attributes are the same, sort of. They increase all sorts of stuff and unlike most RPGs, increasing one attribute isn’t very good. Spreading it out makes a TL2 man strong and less dead. After all, look at those stats. Just strength makes you weak and flimsy, just magic frail and harmless…
Vitality… eh, you’ll be a tank. And without friends, don’t bother.

As for enemies, scaling is more prominent. Grinding won’t do as much!
Your pet can also do minor shopping now. Like getting a potion or two, some ID scrolls or a waypoint if you got stuck. Perfect for mid-dungeon restocking!

To be honest, this game makes TL feel like a beta. A mistake. A trial to see errors. This file IS the furthest I’ve gotten, unlike TL, meaning there might be the same, gawking balance issues later on… or not. Only time will tell. Although so far, Normal has been easy and hard, which is… normal!

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  1. Futonrevolution on May 21, 2022 at 12:46 am

    Dunno if you fixed this later, but you have to turn fraps down to half-size for Torchlight 2’s cutscenes.

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