Little Girl PULLS My Service Dog’s Tail! | Oct 11th

Little Girl PULLS My Service Dog’s Tail! | Oct 11th

During a grocery shopping trip to Walmart a little girl decided to follow us around screaming ” PUPPY PUPPY” then PULLED her tail and ran away.
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  1. I’m 62, raised a daughter as a single dad…. WTF is going on with today’s parents that a child feels emboldened enough to assault a Service Animal.

    My daughter was born in 1985 and even back then she was instructed about service dogs.

    How you don’t approach them, you don’t pet them they’re not pets, and you certainly don’t pull a dogs tail.

  2. Better than me cause i would have told her to go back to her mama. You dont follow people around like that. Especially when you dont know if the dog would bite. Good dog cause it should have bit her for messing

  3. So many do not understand the basic rules of service animals. They let their kids run up to them which is completely wrong. Touching of any kind Is not allowed. Everyone do urself a favor…read up on service animals and the do’s and dont’s ..Then teach ur kids! ( your dog is beautiful by the way)

  4. Rules are different in Canada. A service dog actually has to have proper certification. You can’t just call your pet a service dog

  5. My dog isn’t a service dog but she knows what to do when I have anxiety attacks. It’s really freaking nice. She calms me down and I freak out without her. Kids try to touch her or yell at her and I always have to walk the other way. My dog is very protective so she wouldn’t be able to be a service dog ever and that’s okay because I don’t need one.

  6. I’m glad you caught her. I would have been anxious and upset if anyone did that to our service dog (my fiance might get one soon due to his conditions with his mental health and trouble trying to stay calm.) I’m not a civil person when it comes to someone’s kids not respecting or when someone cross the line lol. If I see that bratty thing pull a service animal by the tail, I’m not afraid to smack that kid and parents to tell them to leave service animals. Some people need to teach little shits to respect service animals. I don’t care if "it’s not our fault" type of pity excuse you dumb parents use. Your kids should know better and you shitty parents should know better. Respect our services animals!

  7. That is wrong my daughter knows never to pet a service dog, and to ask before touching any dog because that girl doesn’t know Medicea and for all she knew she couldn’t have been good with kids.

  8. I have a disability, My mum told me to never distract a service dog from it’s person. I understood this as a 5 year old. I now have a dog who has taught himself to recognize a fucking seizure, that shows love after seizures occur. I would never let some random kid distract him from his job. No, He has no training. He just learned by observation how to take care of me. I would put him in training, but he’s an old man now. His name is Crowbar.

  9. My mom would always be with me and my service dog. His name Wolf, from star fox. He’s a husky and I wasn’t good with names, so it was the only thing I had. Plus I was playing smash ultimate when I first got him. But anyways, back to what I was saying. After one incident that happened with a girl, who kept asking “can I have your dog?” at Walmart. Now this girl probably had adhd like me, but I know he doesn’t have anxiety and depression like me, but it turned out she was a spoiled brat. My response was always no. But the girl didn’t mind her own damn business and kept asking. Mom step in and kindly ask if she would stop pestering me. Normally, a person would stop. But no, as soon as my mom went into the bathroom. She kept asking. Now, I have anxiety and depression. And in my mind I’m thinking “If this b*tch tries to take Wolf, hell even touch him, she’s garenteed a f*cking beat down”. This was a thought, I wouldn’t do that. But once the girl pushed my limits I replied simply “B*TCH, I DONT CARE IF YOU’RE 12 YEARS OLD!!! I’M NOT GIVING YOU WOLF, HES MY SERVICE DOG. NOW BE A DEAR AND FUCK OFF!!!” Now in my mind I kind of regret saying that, because soon after she was crying on the floor. And I remember the words that b*tch said. “He slapped me. I asked if I could pet his dog, and he slapped me.” This caused me to have a panic attack. Wolf was there to help. But soon after, Mom came out of the bathroom to comfort me. the girls mom was there too. And after seeing me in a state, btw she’s a doctor, she didn’t want to hear any word from her daughter and told her to sit on the bench. She apologized for what her daughter made me go through, she even gave me $20 she was going to give to her daughter for candy or snacks. And to top it all off, she beat her daughter senseless until she apologized, it lasted for about 10 minutes. But it was the best 10 minutes of my life. And if that girl is reading this comment… FUCK YOU. IM NOT GIVING YOU WOLF. MOM WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU NEXT TIME YOU PULL OFF THAT SHIT.

  10. May I ask why you have a prong collar on a short furred dog? I’ve been a trainer for 50 yrs and have used one ONCE, I was told they are ONLY used for aggressive long haired dog. I also have a large service dog. May I ask who trained her? I’m curious as to what methods are used nowadays. I’ve been away from public training for years and would like to find out, No malice just want to know for when my 12yr old SD leaves and I have to train a new one. Thanks

  11. Damn I remember the same incident happened in Costco where a man with a service dog and kept looking at the dog and said shes so cute in my head until a toddler comes and tries to pet it luckily someone told the little toddler to not touch the service dog

  12. Kids are kids doesn’t matter if they have a mental illness they do things at random and what does she need a service dog for does she have a mental illness?

  13. You do not pull a dog’s tail for many reasons especially if she is a service dog, dog’s got teeths ya know and they bite

  14. Lizzys dog : is a good doggo and takes care of lizzy mentally and physically with training and just shows lots of love
    Some random girl : *i’m about to end this dogs career*

  15. pitbulls make amazing service dogs as i have one as well my willow isnt as great as yours she likes to eat things off the floor at times but dosent react to people or children and ive been there i tent to know when people are close and will put my body in the way of people or kids being bad

  16. I have two pets I have a bird and a lizard Im 14 and autistic ever since my dog had to be put down two years ago they have helped me with a lot of stress and sort of anxiety and without them I probably would have went and seen without Roxy and without them but they’re not service animals

  17. I honestly dont like children. They’re very rude and a bit annoying when it comes to service dogs. I think they should go back to kindergarten to learn what the word “No” and “stop” means.

  18. The minute that kids start to read or learn to read parent should teach them what a service dog is and what their job is and not to touch them

  19. Hey, can u pls tell me where that was? Let me just go to the law, and break, so i can punch this girl at face

  20. Parents need to step up and teach their kids how to act. Problem is that some people don’t know how to actually be parents. You have a wonderful dog, she not only does her job but she loves you

  21. As soon as you showed Medusa, I knew this wasn’t a certified service dog (at least not at the time the video was taken). She is probably a therapy dog and you purchased the service dog vest, which is very different (and also illegal)… service dogs do not wear pincher collars, and if you were caught by that dog’s certification association with the dog wearing that, you’d be in trouble.

  22. How do u know if you have PTSD because usually I get panic attacks when someone approaches me?! And how do you know if you need a service dog

  23. Oh here is a story time to tell…

    My little dog Lily who is a 4 year old puppy♡ Was outside just relaxing(on a leash and I was watching her)Me my sister,and my dad were outside and I was riding my bike our neighbor came over to ride his bike with me I didn’t mind! Then my sister went inside to do something Lily was in the house cause she was to hot outside my sister came back outside from being in the house and Lily came outside without her leash on and we all were in panic but her being a good dog she stayed on the porch and didn’t run off.I went to get her coller to bring her back inside or on the leash and my Neighbor grabs her coller I say to him "Its fine I got her(Lily)" He kept holding her coller…And Lily was not moving she wanted to be outside and my Neighbor…drags Lily and she still didn’t move..and when he dragged her…she yelped…she has NEVER done that ever in all the 4 years I’ve had her. I was so mad at him my heart snuck to my stomach…Take the thought that Lily Trusted him and would get all exited when he came over.I am now like nope you are NOT going near my dog ever. I will never forget that day… Thank you for reading! (P.s Lily is fine on the 15 of June it was her Birthday! She is living the life!♡

  24. Meducea looked so dang sad when the girl pulled on her tail ;-; Was the child alone or was a parent tagging along?

    I would have told an employee that there was a lost child running around. 50/50 chance on them caring too -.- I work at a NHM Walmart and I know how my fellow employee act

  25. Sad part is you know that little girl is pulling random dogs tails other places and is going to get bit and who do you think is going to get in trouble? This is why people need to teach their kids young.

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