Lost Pets Free Hi-Tech Service let us find your pet dog or cat.

Lost Pets Free Hi-Tech Service let us find your pet dog or cat.

How do you find a lost pet? Put details on a poster and stick them on lamp posts? Put details on a web-site? Tell your friends on Facebook? None of these work quickly enough to be effective and they do not inform the ‘right’ people that your pet is lost.
What you need to do is tell people who will be interesting in helping you find your pet; people who are located in the area where you lost your pet and/or where your pet ‘lives’. This is what Lost.me does: you register your pet with Lost.me, describe it, add some pictures and, if you should lose it, Lost.me sends emails immediately to all vets in the postal code where you think you lost your pet and, if different, those in the postal code where you live. Lost.me also sends emails to all Lost.me registered pet owners in those areas.
The best person to find your pet is another pet owner. Lost.me was set up by pet owners for pet owners. We know how much a lost pet can worry, hurt and cause distress. We know also that we’re more than willing to help if someone has lost a pet in our area. We set this service up and its growing but we need more members. The more pet owners we have, the better Lost.me works.
The Founder
Lost.me was founded by Roger Williams. Roger is a dog owner. His first dog, Jet, is a black Labrador bitch. She’s 7 years old and is Roger’s constant companion.
Crowd Funding
Lost.me intends to raise up to £20,000 attracting new members. These members will be offered a reward for joining:
Sum Reward
£10 Lost.me tag, bone-shaped with unique Lost.me ID free Lost.me membership and light up safety collar (dogs only)/ velvet collar with a bell (cats only).
The funds will be used to acquire an engraving machine for Lost.me tags, the tags, collars and coats themselves and running the service.

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