Lovely Big Dogs 😂🐕 Big Dogs Thinking They're Lap Dogs (Full) [TNT Channel]

Lovely Big Dogs 😂🐕 Big Dogs Thinking They're Lap Dogs (Full) [TNT Channel]

Omg! these big dogs are so lovely 😍😂
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Have you ever seen big dogs lying on the lap of their owner? Check our video compilation ! This is outrageously funny. What are you waiting for? Click the play button, this will make your heart touch.

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Big Dogs:

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  1. Is there any better way to die than being smothered by cuddly dogs?
    As hard as my cat tries by napping on my face when I sleep, she’s just to small for full coverage.

  2. 5:10 That looks oh so familiar … The one leg, partial stomach sitting … Yup!! Exactly what my 85 lbs. Pibble does. I’m lucky when it’s only partial stomach and not bladder lol

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