Lowe's hires a veteran and his service dog

Lowe's hires a veteran and his service dog

Lowe’s is a company known for hiring veterans, but one store in Texas is taking that one step further. The store is hiring a veteran along with his service dog. KRBC reporter Amber Treybig has the adorable tale.


  1. I’m suprised he isnt wearing the camouflage lowes vest that I see so many employees wear at the grand forks lowes in north dakota

  2. I DO NOT CARE. If he can do the job hire him, but dont hire him because he did what….. fought in someone elses war and got blown up.. no. if a teenager that is saving for college needs that job over that dude then fuckem. Just because he got hurt he’s special? no.

  3. In most circumstances it’s not a good idea to go up to a service dog and try to interact with it. The dog is working so leave it alone.

  4. Nice! Employers can’t be using service animals as an excuse not to hire someone. That is still employment discrimination based on disability.

  5. Judging people by their abilities is a horrible way to run a business. A good friend was hired by a construction company as engineer and accountant. HIS service animal is a Tabby cat named "Goofus" who automatically knows when Jerry is under excess stress,and "figure 8’s" his bare legs as he works and calms him RIGHT DOWN.

  6. Stores around the country need dogs to locate stolen items in a theft pockets and a metal detector just incase the item is not food

  7. Our late dog, Vanilla, was always welcome at Lowe’s, they love dogs and happily welcome them into the store. It was always nice that she could come with me and she always helped with my anxiety too. I miss her every day! R.I.P. Vanilla Bean!

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