Luxury Clothing Haul FOR MY DOGS

Luxury Clothing Haul FOR MY DOGS

Luxury Clothing Haul For My DOGS
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  1. Fam is the company mentally deficient?!?!?! I love hailey and her vids but honestly mate as a middle class brit i’d never be able to afford that much for that small a fabric for my pet

  2. You should bring that dog whisperer back and see if she can see if they love the clothes, but don’t tell her or dont put the clothes on your fur babies

  3. I always wished mine would love hoodies… but with her being a miniature schnauzer she doesnt do like hoodies or sleeves… so I get her dresses that are sleeveless… your puppies are precious btw

  4. Omg now I can’t wait to have a puppy to buy these for him/her. That won’t be for at least 5 more years lol gotta get through college first before I’ll have enough time to dedicate to a puppy! Love this haul! You’re such a good dog mom!

  5. My chichaua gets so excited when I pull out her close she zooms in circles and tried to jump up my leg like yes plz put that on me she also doesn’t want to take it off

  6. I’m back to say I’ve never jumped on your video so fast. I then checked out Fur babies site and I’m addicted and going to be broke lol thank you for the video ✨

  7. Love you Hailey!! Love all your videos!! Sorry I subscribed late but I just wanted to let you know I have been keeping up with you and Loey!!

  8. Really? Wasteful. Can’t believe you can’t find a better way to spend your money. People are hungry, cold, homeless and sick. Thought you were better than this. Unsubbed.

  9. That pink chanel hoodie on blu is the CUTEST THING!! My heart melted when the picture of her in it showed up. She’s adorable

  10. Love the video just to let you know all of these things are on AliExpress and the furbaby couture website drop ships them

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