Making A Mera Costume FT. Duck Funeral

Making A Mera Costume FT. Duck Funeral

If you’re only here for the costume, I suggest skipping everything between 2:14 and 5:53. If you’re here for an emotional roller coaster- just watch what happens between 2:14 and 5:53

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P.s. Thank you BuddyJosh for playing the doctor, and also for vacuuming our living room floor. Thank you to my brother Micah, for


  1. Aww, I had a pet semetary in our lilac bushes as a kid. There’s like 8 dead hamsters in there, there would’ve been three dogs but we sent them off to the university for medical research for vets. (That’s awkward, I mean the veterinary teaching hospital…So vets learn what’s wrong with pets so they can treat them.)

    I’m sorry about your duck. I lost a couple rabbits to a fox/coyote this year and bawled for like four days straight. Also lost my first dog at Christmas and I’m still having a rough time with it.

    Also I love those boots. <3

  2. there is a cat in the apartment i live. the owner died. me and some more people felt very sad and looked after him.we named him lemon.lemon came to our hause every day.untill someone banned him from comming in. i knew him since kindergarten. now he is 5.

  3. "NO YOURE LYING you dont rememeber anything before the age of 2"
    Me who remembers the time i fell into snow when i was one:i dont?

  4. was that a My Little Pony reference at 0:35 cus that outfit looking like future twilight
    (man i havent watched that show in forever, it’s stamped into my mind tho)

  5. Hi! I’m from indonesia
    Love your video
    Big fan
    next plz:
    Can you made Mera’s dress went aquaman battle with her brother scene, that dress are similar to traditional Indonesian dress(kebaya), her hair is red her name is mera, mera/merah in bahasa is red i think she’s Indonesian 🙂

  6. 7:43 Actually it’s a myth that rats can collapse their schools but it’s actually their necks and cats have the same type of neck

  7. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
    Romans 10:9 KJV

  8. I though sewwing stuff was cool back then kids pick at me for being boring so i stopped it and when i saw micarah i just had the urge to follow her tutorials love micarah

  9. Cosplayers would spend weeks making that outfit, but Micarah did it in, what, two days? That’s phenomenal. Her work ethic is insane.

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