Man dies years after young girl's friendship saved him

Man dies years after young girl's friendship saved him

One of Steve Hartman’s favorite stories took a bittersweet turn when Dan Peterson died at 86. “On the Road” tributes a man who overcame his personal grief thanks to a little girl who gave him a reason to smile again.

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  1. I love this story, and its a perfect example of the fact I been into the grind where they jumo and juje you and call it their swing. find the one ghat are honest and real, and knkw hkw to appricizte you. and the ones whom give good advise amidst the madness. And those are the people worth knowing. Thank you. I am happier with the power to fi d every part of a person, no matter how broken, can be the worst at times and help even the example of knowing I am never their servent, hands of each i. their own pockets makes service worth while together. Its a duty, and never the thats team work, I enjoy the building towards greater and knowing, its ok, to break it all down, cause when the preasure to fold and break within could never be built if its to much of a class past and over it all. I always look up the the Fathers, cause if a women was so much other focused and allowi g never enough to began with, its ok, they can ask when I am in better slirits I am to much happy about this great story right now. I thwnk you.

  2. I remembered seeing this beautiful friendship between the little girl and the old man .
    She gave him a reason to live , and Nora made him smile ..
    I’m sure dan died with a smile as she made him part of her family !
    They say the love of a stranger is so special

  3. She knew he was sad the second she saw him. Children are special and deserve to live their lives to the fullest while they can.

  4. This shows that you never know how the smallest gesture can change someone’s day, or life.
    Thank you, Nora, and Mom. R.I.P. Grandpa Dan

  5. Message to young people : Don’t ignore the old because you will be old at some point. Old people need young to feel young again. This old man was a kid when the girl was around him. Include old people in your life and make them happy, make them part of you.

  6. Nora and Dan have true love and Nora will never forget how she felt with her lovely granddad ♡ They were meant to be ♡ Tonight, I lost my granddad who I love more than anything and this video was recommended to me ♡ Everytime I heard his voice it made me happy and I’m so happy to see how Dan and Nora became family ♡ RIP to both of our lovely grandads ♡ We were so blessed to know such wonderful people ♡

  7. Now I am going to keep on doing for them whondomnothing for me. Set your self up And leave me alone. Ask me never and forget that you ever knew me. Its ror a reason. Dummies. become somebody worth knowing, or never know me at all. Thats it. bye.

  8. I remember when this story aired in the beginning and I thought it was so sweet. They will never truly know what one meant to the other, but you can tell it was a great deal!

  9. Stories like this are special and heart felt. Life moments like this are hugging each of us that know about this unique bond of once strangers that became more meainingful than some family relationships. God bless everyone!

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