Market Snapshot: Pet Food in the EU

Market Snapshot: Pet Food in the EU

Watch this snapshot video to find quick information on the European Union’s pet food sector and top opportunities for Canadian agri-food exporters.

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Full Video Transcript:

Voice of narrator: The second largest export market for Canadian pet food producers is the European Union. In 2016 this market was valued at an estimated $15.6 billion Canadian dollars.
The EU holds incredible potential for the Canadian pet food producer. This lucrative market will become even more attractive once CETA comes into force. The elimination of EU tariffs will help Canadian pet food producers., processors and exporters to be more competitive in the EU. Canada’s global pet food exports in 2016 amounted to $938M Canadian dollars. Of that total, 13% was destined for EU member states.
n 2016, we were the 5th among non-EU pet food suppliers with Canadian pet food exports to the EU reaching $120 million Canadian dollars. However, that represented only 1% of global pet food exports to the EU.
There’s room to expand exports based on the reputation and quality of Canadian products. Here is a quick snapshot of the EU Pet Food market.
Text on screen: Global Pet Food Exporters – Top EU Markets Export Sales to Market ($CAD – 2016)
Text on screen: Germany $2.60B, United Kingdom $1.56B, Netherlands $1.50B, France $1.49B, Belgium $1.28B
Text on screen: Canadian Pet Food Exporters – Top EU Markets. Export Sales to Market ($CAD – 2016)
Text on screen: Spain $17.39M, France $17.36M, Sweden $10.33M, Germany $10.13M, UK $9.97M
Narrator: The opportunities with the EU pet food market are expanding with an average year-on-year growth rate of 6.5% from 2011 to 2016.
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