1. i just bought a very untamed baby male what should i do? i know i just watched ur vid but any really good tips?

  2. Fight through it, hold him as much as you can and bite train him no matter what he does. If he doesn’t tame down in about a month then he probably isn’t going to. How old is he now?

  3. The cage needs to be double that size even then he needs to roam around your house and if u want him to be a lil bit more tamed never shout at him or "punch"him and dont grab him let it come on your hand one more thing never let him out just like that he can escape real easy

  4. I have a marmoset and they can’t eat beef,pork or chocolate….you can kill them that way. Not to much sugar because they can get diabetes.. chicken,turkey,fruits and veggies. The squeezable baby food is great. Your monkey should be properly train from day 1 and lots of love will keep your monkey friendly. This child should not own a monkey if he gonna treat it that way. They are wonderful additions to the right family. Watch poggiesanimalhouse videos… he teaches and sell monkeys. That’s who sold me my baby.

  5. He gets about the size of a baseball with a tail. A bite from an adult marmoset will definitely do some damage, but you can train them when they are little not to bite.

  6. There’s not much you can do. There too old to try to tame down. No matter what technique you try you’re most likely going to get bit. I’d return them if you could and try to get a baby.

  7. Why don’t you like him or her near your solders? And you should never use those methods to train them not to bite just saying.

  8. lol you never let them out like that out of the cage specially with out a leash; it can escape that’s what i’ve been reading about it  i’m getting one soon; 

  9. Hi! thnx for replying he has already become very tame, still needs a bit of bite training but he comes to you when you call him. When i get him out of his cage he gets a bit scared after a few secs you can touch hi nose without him biting. He is 10 weeks old, what is the best way to bite train him?

  10. Are you mad!!!, you do not pull or twist the hair on their fucking ears under any circumstances nor do you bite them back. Their ears are extremely sensitive and can do serious damage

  11. well seen a lot of the commenters dont have marmosets . If you dont train them right will attack your face.

  12. You just have to penalize him after he bites you, and there is a few ways to do that. You can flick him in his face which is the technique used by many, you can give them a little bite back which is one of the best ways, or you can pinch the hair on the back of his neck, pull back, and twist. Not to sound harsh, but you have to make sure that you hurt the monkey when you do that. It sounds cruel, but that’s the way it needs to be approached.

  13. It sounds like you’ve already done what you can. I like to target train my monkey and what I do is that I put the target on people’s shoulders which gets him use to sitting on people. With target training, you won’t have to pick him up and get bit anymore, in fact it will make him more loyal to you.

  14. Some people say that when they get to maturity, they get unpredictable and dangerous. Is that right, and how do I handle that?

  15. Your little guy is so cute! I bought an adult male marmoset at an auction. He wasn’t socialized AT ALL! I’ve had him for two months and he has really come a long way. He lets me pet him now and eats from my hand. However, he still freaks out if I attempt to pick him up and I have to wear leather gloves when bathing him. Those little teeth can hurt! Do you have any suggestions for taming an adult?

  16. If u dont have a marmoset dont comment ..cause u know nothing about one to u own one…they are tuff lil animals an can be mean an hard headed a flick work fine..unless u wanna keep getting bit lol

  17. Wow that is a big one, (the Marmoset). When you say two marshmallows, surely you mean mini sized ones, right not the regular sized? I have heard people say to flick them in the butt if they bite.

  18. With Marmosets, that’s not a problem. The only thing you have to worry about is bite training

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