Max calls out Stephen A. for putting pressure on Kevin Durant | First Take

Max calls out Stephen A. for putting pressure on Kevin Durant | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins debate how much pressure is on Kevin Durant with the Brooklyn Nets this season. Durant ranks 6th on ESPN’s list of the best NBA players heading into the 2020-21 season.
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  4. Many people say KD is as great as LeBron but never put the same pressure & expectations towards him as James recieves every single season…
    And here Steven A. Smith is already planting seeds of excuses for KD.

  5. The only man on National Television who will contradict himself and STILL think he’s right. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to yo Stephen A Smith.

  6. They got a bomb squad. They where developing to be awesome team before KD and Irving came there. But one player they don’t need is James harden. KD has the right to just Cruise.

  7. Shut up shut up shut !!!!! The pressure is on you not on KD because you guys are the one who always need a topic to go on every day. You need a superstar to talk about.when LBJ wen to LA the first season i didn’t hear you talking about his pressure ,just hooo he needed a superstar to win the cham that was only your topics

  8. god these dudes literally making up disagreements to increase ratings. show is turning into garbage. all about JJ Redick’s podcast and All the Smoke!

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  12. Kayyyyyyy Deeeeeeees rings don’t count
    They do not count no sir they do not count. If KD rings count Robert Horry is better than MJ all time period.

  13. When stephen a smith said there so much pressure in a previous episode on kd since Lebron won a championship and how KD needs to be that guy again

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