Medical Dog Helps Patients Recover with Play

Medical Dog Helps Patients Recover with Play

Meet Ansley, the cutest MD on staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Ansley is a medical dog, and helps patients on our rehab unit recover with play.

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  1. I just hope someone takes Ansley out to let him be a dog and do what dogs like to do. The truth is working dogs are probably very loved…..but it’s no life to sit and wait on a cold tile floor for hours….or walk around a hospital floorall day…. Then call it a day. These dogs are Angels and I’m sure everyone loves them….but dogs are pack animals with needs of their own….so hopefully Ansely gets to go out running, swimming, hiking, fetching as well. I just feel sometimes Working dogs don’t get to …..

  2. Actually this nurse physical therapist is wrong is if a person has a service animal under the law that service animal is allowed to go anywhere with that its owner so in a way that lady is wrong I have a service animal and under the law my service animals allowed to go with me anywhere so far example if I was in the hospital my service animal is allowed to be with me by my side under the law

  3. I hope this children all be well soon. Thanks for the help of this wonderful dog and the dedicated staffs. Tears of Joy.

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