Meet the Queen's Royal Corgis | Vanity Fair

Meet the Queen's Royal Corgis | Vanity Fair

A celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Disclaimer: This video does not feature the actual Queen Elizabeth or her corgis.

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Meet the Queen’s Royal Corgis | Vanity Fair

The Queen – Mary Kennedy
Corgis provided by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Southern California Region
Mary Hering
Jack hering
Tracy Liston
Beth Mendoza
Katie Finlay
Sarah Fitzel
Christine Torres
Barb Hughes
Donna Gilbert
Special Thanks Wendy Graf

Disclaimer: This is not actually the Queen or her corgis.


  1. Just HAD to look up the Welsh for Dwarf – Corrach (apparently). I know some Welsh but dwarf isn’t a word I commonly use in English, let alone Welsh!

  2. Let be honest. The reason British people care about the monarchy is for the drama, weddings, and the corgis. If you think of Any other reason You’d be lying to yourself.

  3. 王室ならコーギーの尻尾を切らせるなよ。

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