Megan Thee Stallion: Savage (Live) – SNL

Megan Thee Stallion: Savage (Live) – SNL

Musical guest Megan Thee Stallion performs “Savage” on Saturday Night Live.

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  1. Unless we wish to destroy ourselves, we must implement a permanent UBI now. Then we can transition to a RBE. Also support the Money Free Party and The Venus Project so we can go beyond politics poverty and war.

  2. I’m so glad that it seems Meg’s foot has recovered relatively well. She’s a performer and Tory Lanez could’ve significantly damaged that part of her career.

  3. The Social message is a powerful thing but not sure it should be used as a red herring to distract from the lack of any and all talent. I mean what the hell was that? Literally laziest excuse for a performance I’ve ever seen. Could barely move, mouthed half the words to a track, utter trash

  4. WTH WHY IS SHE NOT RAPPING THE SONGS THAT MADE HER FIRST! I wanted a medley of Freak Nasty & Big Ole Freak!
    I’m sorry but ever since she signed to Beyoncé, I feel like Beyoncé is tryna turn her into an exact copy. I was doing just fine with Megan twerking & being herself, the choreography is not her! And you can tell. You’d be a fool if u can’t tell that this ain’t her. Look at her live performances vs this one. This one was too forced, Megan just be yourself ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beyoncé gotta do whole choreography, all u gotta do is twerk like u been doing. True fans fucked with you before SNL

  5. The performance itself in the beginning lacked energy for me … But when she started speaking her feeling was very powerful.

  6. Wonder how many, even POC, knew that’s voice over was Malcolm X? Probably few. NF has a great doc on Malcom, “ Who killed Malcom X?” Just as I knew, everybody! This doc has the assassin leaving the Avalon Ballroom on tape!
    The killer was allowed to live out life without consequences in Newark, NJ. Meanwhile(been a while so can’ recall exactly ) three and/or four other men were unjustly found guilty and spent most of the rest of their lives in federal prison. Gotta watch that doc
    My opinion, this song doesn’t rate up to topic at hand. Deserves a masterwork, not just another crap pop song. Mmhh, still so angry that Malcom will never get justice, and the PTB knowingly put innocent men in prison. Justice IS blind, but not the way they mean it.

  7. I love how she used her platform to stand up for Black Women. Also, check out Enslaved on Epix. evidence based facts about slavery and that we was not passive as told.

  8. Lmfao. From Nona Hendryks and Labelle to this adolescent garbage. Hip hop or whatever you call this is embarrassing, lyrically and musically.

  9. I love Megan but why can’t any of these household names dance like damn just gimme the total package huh not too much to ask for

  10. Black women have always been admired for being strong and handling tough situations. but imagine what it’s like bearing that burden your entire life. Just because someone CAN deal with hardship doesn’t mean they need to.
    Protect, stand up for, fight for black women and men, so they can have peace of mind and not have to struggle for basic RIGHTS.

  11. Empowering speech. But I am sure that you didn’t need to spend the first three minutes having backup dancers shake their ass to get people’s attention.

    I know I might get hate for this comment but for all the other grown women who watch SNL do you really need to be doing that to get our attention? No hate to Megan and support to the Black Lives Matter Movement!!!

  12. I hope they reinforced the stage. Richard Simmons did this in the 80’s with his Dancing to the Oldies video of fat women trying to act sexy. No wonder the dads of their kids run like hell.

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