1. Those are the fattest skunks I’ve ever seen, now I’ve seen some stank ass skunks and beavers but nothing this big

  2. Animal cruelty! Scent glands removed! …meanwhile, if you have one of these living under your sheds, and you trap it…. YOU ARE A MONSTER!

  3. Love your little buddies!!! You folks are the best!!! Liked the police of the forest part!!! Awesome!!! We have a few of these critters living under the house and love seeing them once in a while. Specially the way they "waddle" when they walk!!! Just love ’em!!! Thx for the post!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I live down just across town from them!! So cool! I’ve been wanting a skunk fit about a year and this video pops up!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. All the people talking shit about the skunks being over fed… Really? All the shit going on with this world and you complain about overfeeding skunks? Lol unreal! No wonder what’s wrong with this damn world!!!

  6. We had 2 skunks when we were kids, Stink bug and Petunia. They were so much fun. Someone left their cage unlocked and they wandered off. We searched the neighborhood, but they were gone.

  7. They’re nocturnal by nature, so, the taking them to bed thing at night and out to the shopping malls in the day might not be the best idea for them. (?) Also they have real bad eyesight. That’s why he jumped when the lady tapped his nose. Anyway. Interesting.

  8. No one does cool shit like this anymore. Thank you guys for this interesting video. I’ve been losing brain cells with the news I had to get some back

  9. These people are out of there

    minds-leave them in nature where they belong ,ok!!! There’s no way I’d ever own something like that you know? Do they spray people? I don’t think so !! No thank you leave them where they belong

  10. This definitely does not apply to this video but if you are like me and are absolutely appalled by animal abuse videos on YouTube (whether fake or not) and are not sure how to report the video, here is what you do to report it:

    1 Firstly, pause the video at the point you think the animal is getting abused.
    2 Click on the ‘3 dots’ underneath and to the right of the video window; you will get a list with 3 selections.
    3 Click ‘Report’.
    4 ‘Report video’ window appears.
    5 Click ‘Violent or repulsive content’
    6 Drop down menu ‘Choose one’ appears.
    7 Click on ‘Choose one’ you will get a list with 4 selections.
    8 Click ‘Animal abuse’. Selection appears with ‘This applies to links within the video description’ at the bottom. If you think this applies, tick the box.
    9 Click ‘NEXT’ which is in blue type, also at the bottom of the window.
    A window then appears with ‘Report video’ and ‘Timestamp selected*’. The timestamp is actually the point that you paused the video earlier.
    There is a box with ‘Provide additional details’. I usually put something about the animal getting abused and give a comment why I think this is abuse. 10 Click ‘Report’ and it will be sent to YouTube.

    I report as many abuse videos as I can but all animal lovers will have to band together to get these repulsive videos taken down. Please help.

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